Research Paper On Arctic Riches

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The Arctic’s Riches
The arctic is warming about twice as fast as anywhere else in the world. This could cause some problems. This could kill many things, and destroy the arctic’s environment. It may sound hard to believe, but global warming has brought us something good.
The ice melting has caused mostly bad things, but some good things as well. That one good thing, can change the world. Global warming is melting the sea ice in the arctic, it revealed many riches, but it is way harder to mine than they thought.
Some people may ask “Why is the arctic warming faster than anywhere else?” The arctic is warming faster because broader weather patterns have brought warmer air to the arctic over time. ( It took a while for the temperatures to actually rise, but in a while, we will really start to see a difference. A few differences are that lot’s of animals will die, and the arctic's environment could be destroyed. ( Many animals in the arctic such as polar bears, could die without ice, because they are not able to swim for long periods of time. The arctic is warming faster than everywhere else in the world, and it could lead to killing animals. …show more content…

According to the article “Arctic Opportunity,” since the ice is thawing, many riches have been revealed under the ice. All these riches are very useful. The ice is getting lower, so now all those things can be reached. It will change the world once we get it. Many experts believe that the arctic has 13% of the world’s oil. ( That is a lot of oil for just one place. There is so much oil because micro organisms die but they do not decompose, so it makes hydrogen carbon bonds, which is a major ingredient to oil. So again, global warming could lead to some helpful

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