The Importance Of Sovereignty In Canada

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Animals of the Arctic face having to adapt to the treacherous environment and weather, doing all in their power to stay alive. Melting icecaps of the North, politics and the environment are rapidly changing. Currently, Arctic sovereignty is in dispute between the Arctic countries over resources, trade, and territory. The message presented in the source confidently exemplifies the opinion that in the 21st century, the Canadian government is obligated to pursue the sovereignty claim over the Arctic, regardless of the international opposition from America and the Arctic countries. These countries are Russia, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Though there are alliances between some scientists, there is political outrage and pressure from these countries. Sovereignty over the Arctic for Canada would give Canada access, and …show more content…

This would give Canada control and access to thee valuable natural resources, including oil and water. The source should be embraced by Canada so Canada has full jurisdiction on the largest undiscovered oil reserved under that melting ice. Though there is a lack of infrastructure in the Arctic, Canada would see increased economic benefits as oil is one of the most popular energy sources used throughout the world. By accepting the source, Canada would have protection and control over the most pure water source, the Arctic ice. Though this would result in Canada having to use more resources for water security- Canadian coast guard, armed forces, and Rangers- water is the most precious resource in the world, and is very valuable to any civilization. Despite the competition from nations such as Russia, Canada would be able to be able to sell, regulate, and control the water from the Arctic. Canada should enact the source to the maximum extent for the vital resources in the

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