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  • Essay On Arctic Ocean

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    The Arctic Ocean is the ocean around the North Pole. The most northern parts of Eurasia and North America are around the Arctic Ocean. Thick pack ice and snow cover almost all of this ocean in winter, and most of it in summer. An icebreaker or a nuclear-powered submarine can use the Northwest Passage through the Arctic Ocean to go between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The ocean's area is about 14.056 million km2, which is the smallest of the world's 5 oceans, and it has 45,389 kilometres (28

  • The Importance Of Sea Ice In The Arctic Ocean

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    The Arctic Ocean is defined as the waters surrounding the North Pole, located within the Arctic Circle, including the northernmost islands of Canada, Norway, and Russia and is mostly covered by ice sheets, ice floes, icebergs and sea ice. Sea Ice is a thin, fragile layer of frozen ocean water that forms in the Arctic and Antarctic oceans. On average sea ice covers 20-25 km² of the Earth, accounting for 7% of the sea surface. The maximum extent of Sea Ice in the Arctic is recorded as 13-15x 10⁶km²

  • How Does Global Warming Affect Polar Bears

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    What is happening Global warming and climate change is melting the ice in the arctic. Which means there's less ice and more water, in some places water can spread for 100s of miles. The ice also freezes later and melts earlier. if we do not make a change,one day there will be no ice left at all. Effects on polar bears Global warming and climate change is cutting polar bears hunting season by 3 weeks because of short hunting season. most polar bears are hungry.There is an increase in cannibalism

  • Mini Research Report On Henry Hudson Four Voyages

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    he married Katherine Hudson and had three sons by the names of Oliver Hudson, John Hudson, and Richard Hudson. Hudson had the goal of locating a shorter route from Europe to Asia. Along his voyages, he faced many great challenges of the Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and northeastern Canada. At the end of Hudson’s exploration, he ended up discovering three different waterways, the Hudson River, Hudson

  • Adjectives In Frankenstein

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    The end of the day. Because he knows his fate has been sealed and he can be in peace. It means the challenges and hardships he has had to overcome in his life, his life journey. He sees the creature on a ship to Russia and he follows it into the Arctic Circle. He asks him to destroy the creature. He warns Walton about the creatures elusiveness and persuasiveness. Because it will crush Walton’s happiness. He says he will turn the ship arounds when they get free from the ice. He thinks continuing

  • Research Paper On Arctic Riches

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    The Arctic’s Riches The arctic is warming about twice as fast as anywhere else in the world. This could cause some problems. This could kill many things, and destroy the arctic’s environment. It may sound hard to believe, but global warming has brought us something good. The ice melting has caused mostly bad things, but some good things as well. That one good thing, can change the world. Global warming is melting the sea ice in the arctic, it revealed many riches, but it is way harder to mine

  • Narrative Essay About Santa's First Gift

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    To all our children and grandchildren, Your Christmas smiles, giggles and awe Are emblazoned In our hearts Forever! Santa’s First Gift By Edmund and Beth Ann Shanks Edited By Robert Schmitt “Muse of Fire” On the Eve of Last Christmas, in soft-falling snow, Santa’s reindeer stood ready and eager to go. His thoughts at that moment, traveled eons through time, To that very first Christmas, a night so sublime. Oh, how Santa pondered, “Ah, to be there THAT night, To bring Christ

  • Bermuda Triangle Informative Speech Outline

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    Topic: The Bermuda Triangle General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that Bermuda Triangle has some scientific reasons which effects a lot of mysterious incidents. Central idea: Despite it is a dangerous and mysterious place, but Bermuda Triangle has so much of attractive places to visit. INTRODUCTION I. Bermuda Triangle is a part which is situated in the North of Atlantic Oceon. The Bermuda Triangle covers about 500, 000 miles of the sea around the world. The Bermuda

  • The Importance Of Sovereignty In Canada

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    of the Arctic face having to adapt to the treacherous environment and weather, doing all in their power to stay alive. Melting icecaps of the North, politics and the environment are rapidly changing. Currently, Arctic sovereignty is in dispute between the Arctic countries over resources, trade, and territory. The message presented in the source confidently exemplifies the opinion that in the 21st century, the Canadian government is obligated to pursue the sovereignty claim over the Arctic, regardless

  • Polar Bears: The Evolution Of A Polar Bear

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    Evolution of polar bears Polar bears have very interesting history, they evolved from bears. Polar bears have black skin but there fur is white because they adapted to the arctic ocean. They use the sea ice to platform to hunt their prey. They hunt seals for prey. They have 45 teeth that help them tear seals skin. Polar Bears have adapted to their environment by many reasons. The main reason is by their fur because they have thick oily fur coat. They also have have a layer of fat under their skin

  • Why Is David Thompson Called The Great Land Geographer

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    explorer, astronomer, historian, mapmaker, but most of all the original trailblazer.He is known as the greatest land geographer of all time, but has little recognition. His expedition during the fur trade took him from Hudson's Bay to the pacific ocean. During his life,he travelled over 90,000km and mapped 3.9 million kilometers squared.He used various means to cover this journey which included canoe and map Over the 28 years in the fur trade business he took many notes. His notes were contained

  • Hurricane Simulation

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    to be taken lightly just because the average surface temperature has gone up by .5. The small change in heat is melting the glaciers, not just the north and south poles but mountain glaciers, ice sheets covering West Antarctica and Greenland, and Arctic sea ice. This is even changing the precipitation patterns, and having animals migrate to habitats that they will most likely no survive and more. Researcher Bill Fraser has been studying the drop in population of

  • Pang-Igloolik Case Study Examples

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    People who live in Canadian Arctic have been experiencing rapid changes on social, economic and political in the last half century. In recent years, Arctic communities have also experienced a series of hazards which are caused by climate change. Global and local observation and instrumental measurements have recorded that the frequency and magnitude of hazardous conditions in Arctic have been increasing, including permafrost thaw, coastal erosion, ice instability, and increases in average temperatures

  • Ideal And Reality In The Catcher In The Rye

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    Ideal and Reality Everyone has an idea of an ideal world, particularly children. When children grow up, they start to realize that the reality is different from their ideal world. While children go through the adolescent stage, they will act differently than normal and have to handle huge changes both mentally and physically. This is demonstrated by the main character Holden Caulfield, in the Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger. Holden Caulfield, a sixteen year old boy, grows up and he realizes that

  • Prisoners Of Geography Summary

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    Tim Marshall examines Russia, China, the Middle East, Latin America, the United States, Africa, Western Europe, Japan and Korea, and Greenland and the Arctic. In his examination of Latin America, he notes that bringing “Old World” knowledge and technology does little to improve a region if the geography is counterproductive. In the chapter on the Arctic, Marshall examines the Arctic’s unforgiving environment and the indisputable effects of global warming in the region. Marshall’s main point through

  • Polar Bears Persuasive Essay

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    beautiful bears around the world. With their white coated fur, and have footpads that are like non-slip shoes (National Wildlife Federation 1). Polar bears have been around for over a million years, and are evolved from the brown bears which moved to the arctic area in the world. The reasons why polar bears matter are because they have a very important role in the marine environment, but to keep the marine environment healthy we need to keep these polar bears from going extinct. Polar bears are on the vulnerable

  • Arctic Ecosystem Research Paper

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    Imagine a world with no Arctic ice cap, no Arctic animals, and no Arctic ecosystem. Climate change, which is also known as global warming, is taking a toll on the Arctic ecosystem and endangering many different animal species and wildlife living in the Arctic. To understand why the Arctic animals as well as the Arctic ecosystem is threatened, an understanding of climate change is needed. By definition, climate change is the rise in average surface temperatures on Earth, mainly due to the burning

  • Personal Narrative: My Last Day In India

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    I flew across the rocky blue Arabian Sea on flight AI1010 to America. With a new home and husband awaiting me, a new world ahead stuck on this huge metal plane, I feel so distant from everything I once knew. After spending the last six weeks with my husband’s brother and his wife in their home; cooking, cleaning and serving tea and sweets to guests, my nights leading up to this day have been spent tossing and turning at the thought of my parents being so distant and my new life so near. My last

  • Tundra Research Paper

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    musk ox, arctic hare, and arctic fox (Woodward).It’s incredibly easy to destroy the tundra because of the lack of variations in the number of plants and animals. If something happens to the permafrost or if a species becomes extinct, the whole ecosystem may collapse. All species in the tundra are significant because the food chains there are very simple. A food chain can consist of an arctic fox eating a lemming, which devoured plants in the tundra, like mosses. The population of arctic foxes, therefore

  • Resource Extinction In The Arctic

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    The Arctic, though it is also an ocean, is widely considered to be a geographical area that extends outwards from the North Pole to the Tree line (the imaginary line drawn on the map above which trees cannot grow due to the harsh climate). According to this definition, the Arctic includes both the Arctic Ocean as well as certain parts of the eight Arctic states. It covers an area of about 5.5 million square miles and is home to a plethora of animal species. Prior to the 20th Century, extreme weather