Polar Bears Persuasive Essay

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Polar bears are seen as being one of the most beautiful bears around the world. With their white coated fur, and have footpads that are like non-slip shoes (National Wildlife Federation 1). Polar bears have been around for over a million years, and are evolved from the brown bears which moved to the arctic area in the world. The reasons why polar bears matter are because they have a very important role in the marine environment, but to keep the marine environment healthy we need to keep these polar bears from going extinct. Polar bears are on the vulnerable stage of extinction, and they need to be taken off that list. There are many factors for a polar bear becoming extinct, but the main causes of polar bear extinction is that they are being …show more content…

Steven Amstrup is a scientist for Polar Bears International, and he is a very well known polar bear scientist around the world that has won many awards in his past. Dr. Steven gives out many responses to people in his argument letters, but one of these letters caught my eye the most. The name of his article was “New Study Strengthens Evidence That Time Remains to Help Polar Bears”. He said that the most common question given out by people was that it is too late to save the polar bears, but Dr. Steven said there is still time. He said one way to help stop polar bear extinction is to “stop greenhouse gas emissions and we can save them” stated Dr. Steven from the Polar Bears International website. He then stated that “It is further evidence that those of us alive now will see the effects of the warming we are forcing, and that we will see benefits of stopping that warming. So this is not just about the future faced by our children (for whom many politicians seemingly don’t care), it is indeed about us.” What I thought Dr. Steven had in mind was that ourselves right now will see what is going to happen in the future, but once we die our children are left to face this problem, and then it is their turns to follow up on what we did in the past to create a better world not just for us, but for all living creatures around the

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