Climate Change In Michael Pollan's 'Why Bother?'

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In the article ‘Why Bother?’ Michael Pollan, a Professor of Journalism at the University of California, examines the dangers of climate change and how ordinary citizens can reduce its effects on the environment. Although most scientists are concerned and have warned nations of its disastrous effects some still deny the existence of climate change. As if melting ice caps and the ever-increasing blue waters were not enough proof, some citizens believe that climate change is an “unproven theory or a negligible contribution to natural climate variability” (Hall 3). Nevertheless, citizens who believe in global warning can change how they live for the better. Growing a garden, reducing the use of fossil fuels, and proper use of land can improve climate …show more content…

In the article ‘The Climate Crisis at the End of our Fork’ Anna Lappe, co-founder of the Small Planet Institute, has drawn on research to determine that a “full eighteen percent of the worlds global warming effect is associated with ‘land use changes’” (Lappe 753) such as livestock emissions and the destruction of rainforests. According to Lappe, these changes in land are used for livestock and pastures for cattle. This poor management of land significantly impacts climate change which produces food for consumers. Therefore, Lappe suggests that people look more closely at what they eat and where it comes from. This will discourage others from misusing the land which therefore contributes to climate change.
In sum, balancing climate change is important to the overall wellbeing of the environment. A lifestyle change can be a nuisance to some but Pollan suggests that one person can make a difference by starting a change reaction. Pollan states that there are ways to provide for ourselves without diminishing the world. To decrease climate change, citizens can garden, reduce the use fossil fuels, and monitor where their food comes from. These life changes can make the ordinary citizen a combatant against global warming and climate

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