Before The Flood Rhetorical Analysis

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“The only thing that we can do is control what we do next. How we live our lives. What we consume. How we get involved. And how we use our vote to to tell our leaders that we know the truth about climate change”, says Leonardo Dicaprio. In the Documentary Before the Flood, Leonardo Dicaprio travels around the world to meet with scientists, activists, and world leaders who inform us about climate change and how it affects our environment. Rhetorical devices are used throughout the documentary such as pathos, logos, and ethos which all are effective and help make claims that are efficiently supported and understood. The rhetorical device of ethos is widely supported throughout the documentary due to the use of scientists, politicians, government companies, and activists who all have credibility and a title that is highly looked up to. Gregory Mankiw is a professor at Harvard and teaches economics. Mankiw has worked with a lot of Republicans and has been a supporter of the carbon tax which many politicians are against. The carbon tax will tax people who produce carbon will then lead to the decrease in the production of carbon and help with the climate change, but it …show more content…

Ethos was supported by the statements made by scientists and politicians. Pathos were used by showing imagery with climate being changed and affecting populations. Logos were used by scientists as well as statistics to help show how the climate is actually being changed. The strength of the claims being made throughout the film were all supported and also came with real world proof as well so they were all valid. I agree with the majority of the claims being made in the film, especially the negative claims made by companies and politicians who whole heartedly knew what was going on but didn’t contain any claims to attack the claims being made about the climate change being

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