Film Review Climate Of Doubt

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AIS4071 Movie Review- Climate of Doubt
Name: CHEN Haoyan, Riva
SID: 54042113
The documentary Climate of Doubt talked about whether climate change was a scientific truth, it provided many details about the denial of climate change, which I was not familiar with. Although majority of the scientists, precisely, 98% of the climate experts, believe that the major cause of climate change is human activities; there are plenty of people reckon that climate change is a kind of natural phenomenon. They also point out that global warming consensus is not based on science, but for the political purpose. From my perspective, the severity of climate change indeed can affect the decisions of policy-makers, such as green policy and governance. But it does not mean that people can just ignore the consequences of the enormous emission of greenhouse gases in the past few decades.

First of all, countries in Latin America and Africa tend to concern more about climate change issue than other regions. I have noticed that the majority of climate change skeptics mentioned in the documentary were from U.S.. But on the other part of the world, over 70% Latin Americans and 60% Africans realized that climate change was a severe problem, while there were only 45% Americans and 18% Chinese recognized the …show more content…

I agree, it is factual that we are facing severe environmental challenges. Even if the skeptics do not believe in the global warming, it is undeniable that the air and water pollution are caused by human activities. It is unhelpful to argue who is right, who gets more evidences or who eventually wins. If people just ignore the negative environmental impacts and do not implement any practical plans to deal with, our future generation will definitely suffer from

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