CNS Analyzing Nasa's 'A Blanket Around The World'

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Global warming has been a growing issue to global security, with nations all around the world working to ease the soon possible negative effects. Throughout the world; many media outlets and sources online have covered and have formally addressed this topic. Each media and sources all holds bits of truths inside of them, however, all cannot be entirely unbiased. Most if not online sources covering this topic; list good reasons to battle climate change, due to this they all have their own manipulative techniques used to persuade the audience, favoring the liberal side CNN writes sources and has experts in specific fields to cover a topic relating to their political agenda, Nasa being a very pro-science uses logos to persuade the audience, CNS …show more content…

The article created of which is supported by Nasa, tries to make it clear to the general audience that the issue of climate change is real. Nasa being rated to be factual high on the biased scale can be trusted as it favors no political side, making their articles based on scientific evidence. The article opens up stating “Most climate scientists agree the main cause of the current global warming trend is human expansion of the "greenhouse effect” A strongpoint of which this article has would be its ability to inform the average viewer about the issue of climate change. Due to this article being supported by Nasa, a pro-science website, this source can be trusted as this article would be backed up by the scientific theory. Comparing to the article created by CNN which backs the creation of “synthetic trees”; Nasa’s article would be meant to inform the reader, however, due to CNN’s political biased towards the liberals, the average viewer may see the article only favor the political view due to the biased. Later on in the article it states, “On Earth, human activities are changing the natural greenhouse.” By this statement Nasa’s quote can be seen to inform the average viewer that the “greenhouse effect” responsible for the sudden change in climate, which can all be traced to humanity. After the statement of both …show more content…

Talking about how oil companies are slowly changing their motives leading them to supporting renewable energy, taking big steps into slowing down climate change. Stating, “Climate change is a global issue, yet greedy trial lawyers are targeting the five major energy companies exclusively because they see them as a potential jackpot in attorneys’ fees..” Given this statement the author of the article points out that climate change a global issue, is being supported only to back their personal interests. The article does a good job exposing the hypocrisy of people battling this issue saying, “The case is flawed and relies on fundamentally weak arguments that have been tried before and failed in court.” By relying on weak arguments and not strong factual evidence it can be shown to see why it is biased. The article also points out that oil and energy companies were able to make “significant strides” in progress. However, despite all these factual evidence presented by CNS, the article holds a clear biased towards the conservatives. Its conclusion stating, ‘It is therefore preposterous to suggest that such a matter can rightfully be decided by one judge acting alone in a California courtroom.” By this statement strong language can be seen being presented throughout the article, words such as advocacy, preposterous, and dispassionate. All these words build

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