Review: Can US States And Cities Overcome Paris Exit By Warren Cornwall

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Bibliography Cornwall, Warren. 2017. “Can U.S. states and cities overcome Paris exit?”. American Association for the Advancement of Science (September 18, 2017) The article by Warren Cornwall talks about the withdraw of the United States from the Paris Climate Accords. For one he talks about the consequences of the action where local cities, states, and corporations are taking action by implementing plans similar to the Paris Climate Agreement standards. One example, is California bold plan calling for a 40% carbon emissions cut below 1990 levels by 2030. In contrast, others are doing as much like for example Texas and Indiana. The standards outline here were that the …show more content…

The first study talks about people are more likely to favor environmental protection over economic growth over the past 40 years and various other surveys that ask about people’s opinion about the environment over the decades and or recently under the Trump administration. The second study ask a direct question to respondent of whether they support the president decisions where in most parts from his own party and as a whole, the American populace, they don't support his way. Also, this study shows how polarized (the environment) the U.S. has become in recent decades to the point where in current time, both Republicans and Democrats views of the environment are extreme opposites. Finally, the last study ask people what they thought about the withdraw in each state and there is a general consensus that them support it. Yet, along party lines it differs dramatically with Democrats supporting it and Republican wishy washy on the subject. These articles help with building the picture that climate change is agreed upon everyone that it is an urgent and real thing is in of

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