Analysis Of Elizabeth Rush's Rising: Dispatches

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Elizabeth Rush’s Rising: Dispatches from the New American Shore is about the impact that climate change has on U.S. communities and how sea level rise has been affecting America for centuries. In this essay I will be explaining how Rush proves her point about how sea level rising and climate change have been affecting the U.S. for centuries by giving a variety of topics she speaks on that is land loss, native heritage, places being removed due to them being enveloped by water and she also uses Brunet, Edison Dardar and Laura Sewall personal beliefs in Rising: Dispatches from the New American Shore. The first topic that Rush uses to prove how sea level rising and climate change affects the U.S communities is land loss. …show more content…

Heritage is property or something that is inherited. Although my family always tells me I have Indian in me I don’t feel the connection or see anything within myself to consider myself a part of the Native heritage. So no, I do notbelieve I have Native heritage. Yes, I was taught about Louisiana’s Native American history in school. I learnt that the history of Native Americans in the United States began centuries ago with settlement of the Americas by Paleo Indians. In Rising: Dispatches from the New American Shore Rush it states, “Words can shuttle us around in time and space from New England to Old England, from Rhode Island back over two thousand years to when the Wampanoag and Narragnsett first harvested shellfish in these tid-washed shoals, to a time when language tangibly connected the physical world and the world on the pageant in our …show more content…

No, I didn’t know any of these areas before this reading. Yes, I know in New Orleans the 9th ward had to be rebuilt due to rising waters from Hurricane Katrina .Yes, the coastal landscape in my community changed in my lifetime. It could be argued that this change is negative and positive. I say this because levees were broken which was a negative impact due to areas now being able to flood more. People building their own homes had a positive impact because people could build their houses stronger to withhold their house from

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