How Did The Yuma Project Have Both Positive And Negative Effects On Yuma County?

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Yuma’s Irrigation Intro: Yuma's irrigation in the past was horrible but has gotten better throughout the years. In the past there was always flood incidents due to the river being uncontrolled and overflowing. With negatives comes positives, in this case the hoover dam helped us control the colorado river which was and still is one our main resources. People would save large amounts of money because it was not needed to be used on distillation payments. One of the most positives outcomes was that came from the control of the colorado river was that the crops were able to be saved because the unpredictable floods were no longer occurring. If the dams were not built then till this day there would still be and uncontrollable and an uncontrollable …show more content…

With all these uncontrollable floods there would be a shortage in crops because if they receive large amounts of water they can not take it and would die. Question 1: Did the yuma project have both positive and negative effects on Yuma county? The Yuma Project was negatively in some ways Like it had negatively impacted the steam businesses. The dam blocks had also prevented the ships from traveling up stream. The dam had made the water so shallow that steamboats were not able to travel safely up the stream. There are some positives that The Hoover dam was built and the one thing that it help us do was helped control the colorado river. It helped the people save a large amount of money and it also helps so that the people do not have to spend it on distillation. “It saves the county money so they don't spend it on distillation.” The crops in Yuma are able to be saved because there are not any unpredictable massive floods. The Hoover Dam gives Yuma a reliable source of water for irrigation. Without the dam there would be a continuous amount of floods and there will be no telling when they hit. With the dam the colorado river is not that strong and does not rise that much so that allows the county to control it in order to have a better chance at irrigating …show more content…

All though there were not that many people living in Yuma there was still a large amount of traffic by the yuma crossing where the river naturally narrowed. “Yuma at the time, it was likely that there was a lot of traffic through the town just about a decade earlier due to people utilizing the Yuma Crossing, where the river naturally narrowed.” Irrigation had changed yuma by establishing the Fort yuma in the early 1850’s. “ Fort Yuma, which was established nearby in the 1850s to protect those coming through Yuma on the main southern emigrant trail.” There was heavy rain that would flood the Colorado and the Gila river and emptied in the colorado river by prison hill (Yuma Territorial Prison). “Heavy localized rain flooded both the Colorado River as well as the Gila River, which used to empty into the Colorado next to Prison Hill where the Yuma Territorial Prison now sits.” At this time the river were larger and had n dams. Millions of years the Colorado would flow 1,400 miles from the Rocky Mountains to the Gulf of California. It would carry water to the Arid West so they would be able to produce food and for human life. For the longest time before the Europeans arrived on the American continent Quechan indians already established agriculture in the desert Southwest they relied on floods to irrigate their fertile crops. “Long before the arrival of Europeans on

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