How Did Presidents Hoover And Roosevelt Deal With The Great Depression

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In 1929, the Nation and around the world was in chaos. The stock market collapse and the economy in the United States was rapidly dropping out of control. Bank began to close due to the fact that the Banks invested money into stocks and at the same American investors were struggling to save what little money they had left.The American people were frantically trying to retrieve their money out to the banks wondering if the banks stole their money. Many American people lost their job and homes.Hoover administration was trying to stop the economy from bleeding out. In the next few paragraphs I will give details on how two Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt dealt with The Great Depression.

Public goods:

President Hoover’s believed that supporting public radio broadcasting and aviation would beneficial to the American people. He create the Federal Farm Bond loan for $500 million dollars to help farmers to produce crop more efficiently. Even though the Boulder Canyon Project …show more content…

The Boulder Project was done in 1935 The Reconstruction Finance Corp created by Hoover administration was to stimulate banks, railroads and keep the stock market afloat. Hoover also persuade the large banks ( National Credit Corps) to provide assistant to the small banks in order for them not to go under. Unfortunately, with all these implementation Hoover could not revamp the e. In 1933, Hoover lost the presidency to FDR Roosevelt.When Roosevelt took office he knew that the country need a big boost. He new that Public goods was important to the economy. So he create the two New Deal. In the first 100 days of Roosevelt

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