Herbert Hoover Accomplishments

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Herbert C. Hoover
Caleb O. Lindberg
U.S. History
April 12, 2018

For the Modern U.S. Presidents Project I chose Herbert Hoover, America's thirty-first president (1929- 1933). President Hoover achieved international success as a mining engineer and widely known as “The Great Humanitarian,” according to Whitehouse.gov. Herbert Hoover was a great president and accomplished many great things through his life.

Early life:
Herbert Hoover was born in August 10, 1874 in an Iowa village. He grew up being the son of a Quaker blacksmith, which gave him skills that helped him through his life. When Herbert was six years old his father, Jesse Clark Hoover, died from a heart attack. Three years later his mother, Hulda Minthorn Hoover, developed pneumonia …show more content…

The American Consul General asked him to help get stranded tourists home. In six weeks he and his men helped get 120,000 Americans back to the U.S. But later he had to face a more difficult task. For three years after he helped get stranded tourists home, Hoover had to help feed Belgium, which had been overrun by Germany, and succeeded organizing shipments of food for belgium. After America got involved in WWI, President Woodrow Wilson appointed Hoover to the head of the Food Administration and Hoover helped cut the consumption of food needed overseas. After the war he served as the head of the American Relief Administration which helped feed starving, post WWI, European countries. After his efforts, President Warren Harding picked Hoover to be his secretary of commerce, as did President Calvin Coolidge after him. While being secretary of commerce he helped accomplish projects such as the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Hoover Dam. (Whitehouse.gov, Biography.com, and …show more content…

He urged many businesses not to lay off workers or cut wages. In 1932 Hoover tried to help banks and industries recover by the establishment of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. All His plans failed as he watched America's Economy spiral down the drain, getting bad reputation, because there was nothing he could do to help; “Just as the shantytowns were named Hoovervilles after him, newspapers became known as "Hoover blankets," pockets of pants turned inside out (to show they were empty) were called "Hoover flags," and broken-down cars pulled by horses were known as "Hoover wagons." (thoughtco.com, Jennifer Rosenberg). In the election of 1932 Hoover stated that the depression was out of his control but people blamed him for the Depression and Franklin Roosevelt was elected. (Whitehouse.gov, Biography.com, Millercenter.org, and

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