The Importance Of Saving The World

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In recent years, the topic of saving the Earth from Humans has shown itself in many conversations amongst the people of the public. Saving the World will be an issue we must solve in the near future because we are causing a mass extinction for animals, and we are harming and killing humans, but we can resolve it by using technology to reduce global warming and setting aside reserves. The most important thing humans must do in regards to this topic is begin to educate themselves and others on how drastic we must be in regards to it.
The first major issue that must be made clear is the great peril animals are in, and what this means for the planet and humans. The extinction rate is one hundred to a thousand times greater than it was before the human species evolved on the planet. Currently, Earth is in its sixth mass extinction, with one sixth of all species going extinct. If all of these species go extinct, humans will also be greatly harmed (Worrall). Humans can not continue without the great interconnected biodiversity we currently have, because all animals on the planet are inter-connected in their habits and way of life. If we begin to destroy minor food chains from small-scale animals going extinct, greater and greater
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As of November of 2017, Delhi, India, was the most polluted city on the planet. In 2015, nine million people died from pollution, and in India alone, two and a half million people died. The World Health Organization stated that air pollution will continue to harm and kill many people around the world, and of course India, for many years, with poorer countries being affected the most (Irfan). So, it seems that the only way to save the planet is to save the poorest, and simply using the previously mentioned technology does not seem like enough. So, what our planet needs is for a wide scale project to help reduce global warming and
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