Literature Review Environmental Issues

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Review of Literature
Environmental issues began to be discussed and debated only towards the end of the 20th century. Since then significant amount of literature has been penned down raising awareness about issues of pollution, deforestation, animal rights and several others however it has failed to result in major changes, ideas or even actions to save the environment. Several species of animals have become extinct; pollution level is at an all-time high, global warming is leading to severe climate changes all across the globe but these problems do not seem to alarm the decision makers.
Leydier & Martin (2013) also states that, “despite the increasing expression of concern in political and media debates about issues such as climate change, pollution and threats to biodiversity, “political ecology” (operating at the confluence of scientific developments, political engagement and ethical debates) is still trying to find its bearings” (p.7). It is quite evident that environmental issues are not treated in equivalence to political, economic, social or even religious issues. This is because of our market led economy which only focusses on profit, competition and money making rather than a sustainable development approach. “Capitalism” has been identified by several scholars as the root cause for environmental degradation.
Gus Speth, (2008) who is a former environmental adviser to the White House, in an interview said that, “My conclusion is that we’re trying to do

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