Disadvantages Of Enviropig

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Introduction: Genetically modified organisms can be defined as organisms in which the DNA has been changed in a way that does not occur naturally by any reproduction procedure. The enviropig is just one of many organisms that they did experiments on to modify it to have specific (needed) outcomes. The reason for genetic modification is to be able to change a product or organism so that it deliver desirable traits. The enviropig was created to solve the problem of pigs not being able to absorb enough phosphorous from their diet, which then in its turn contributes to the larger factor of pollution. Pollution itself is a large problem in today’s circumstances, but there is another problem that creeps up with the pigs not being able to digest enough …show more content…

The enviropig has a big influence on agriculture. Thus, enviropigs should be evaluated upon their direct effect on human nutrition and health, animal welfare related to the transgene itself, and the environment. However, the breeders of the enviropig themselves argue that its market is the developing world. [5] Enviropigs are not able to survive on their own in the wild as they fully depend on humans. Enviropigs are not yet approved by the food and drug administrative of health Canada due to the discoveries made aware to them. These discoveries include side effects which may be seen in humans after a long time, such as human beings who are allergic to enviropork. The side effects cause illnesses such as kidney failure, if too much phosphorous is present in our human bodies. The factor of illnesses contributes to the fact that people do not approve of eating meat of the enviropig. These pigs may be costly to buy due to all the trouble went through to modify it, but it is less expensive for farmers to farm with,because the modified pigs do not need added phytase to their feed anymore. [6]. The major metabolic alterations made to enviropigs compared to the original Yorkshire pigs causes animal welfare concerns. Thus there are a few negative aspects to genetically modifying the Yorkshire pigs, which leads to another, even bigger …show more content…

The first view is animal welfare referring to the feelings of the animal, where feeling pain is an important factor. The second view of animal welfare refers to the health and the physiological functioning of the animal. The other view of animal welfare refers to the fact that the animal has to live in its natural living environment to develop the ability to follow natural instincts. Thus regarding to the case of the enviropig, people believe that genetically modified animals are suffering and they are not as healthy as normal animals. [8][9](Kaiser, M. 2005; University of

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