Analysis Of Lois Frazier's A Change Of Heart About Animals

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A letter written by Lois Frazier consists of additional opinions, on Jeremy Rifkin’s article “A Change of Heart about Animals.” Rifkin is an animal rights advocate, he conveys his belief that animals are quite similar to humans. Frazier supports Rifkin’s humane ideas and voices several novel opinions of disproportionate rights, such as confinement, affliction, and depletion. In the letter, she sheds light on concerning topics that Rifkin does not address. She first concentrates on an animal’s right to be free and live in a safe environment. Then elucidates her solutions and goes into further details. Her solutions consist of no animal experimentation and no usage of fur or leather clothing. Animal experimentation is inhumane. Wearing …show more content…

She believes that all humans should adopt a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. In fact, Frazier states that consuming meat can “lead to spiritual disturbance and physical disease.” However, according to an article, “Side Effects of Switching to a Vegetarian Diet” written by Michael Kerr, informs readers that there are consequences for going vegan or vegetarian (01.14.14). He states that “protein is essential for the growth and maintenance of cells in the human body,” when limiting one 's protein consumption, it can cause one to feel anemic, dizzy and lethargic. Although there are other alternatives to proteins such as peas, rice, and soy products, they do not provide the same natural amino acids and vitamins that meats do. If the vegan or vegetarian does not eat a balanced diet, it can result in the inability to develop sufficient immunity cells from certain viruses and decrease in production of nail, hair, and skin cells. This is the first sign of malnutrition. Although, animals are an important part of our ecosystem, they are a food source in many parts of the world. To question Frazier’s ideas, would not a carnivorous animal eat you if given the chance? It is society 's obligation to treat everything and everyone with dignity and compassion. As the dominant race, it gives humans the responsibility to make a change. The change one makes does not have to be drastic, but thinking about one 's decisions can create a sanctuary for many animals. This planet is a delicate balance between life and death, destroying that relationship can wreak havoc on the

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