Endangered species Essays

  • Endangered Species In California

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    surprising amount of species have been completely wiped out directly from human interaction in recent history. One interesting example would be the California grizzly bear that ironically is completely extinct in California. According to the California State Library website, the California grizzly bear or Ursus Californicus became the official State Animal in 1953 after being extinct for nearly 20 years and is the centerpiece on the California flag. Extinction, the elimination of a species, is a normal process

  • The Endangered Species Act

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    Endangered Species Act Throughout history, there have been many species that have passed through our planet, earth. Some have survived for millions and millions of years, and others… well, they weren’t so lucky. According to Biologicaldiversity.org, many scientists believe that as of now, “our planet is now in the midst of its sixth mass extinction of plants and animals.” Many scientist claim that species are dying out at 1,000 to 10,000 times the normal rate (the normal rate being 5-6 species per

  • Wolf Population And Endangered Species

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    Wolves have been on and off of the endangered species list in many different countries and states, but everytime time they believe that the wolf population has stabilized, they always get hunted and trapped back down to where they started. As of right now they are debating whether or not to get rid of the wolves federal protection since they seem to be stabilizing and it is causing a lot of money for the government to keep them on the list. People are very outraged by them even considering taking

  • Endangered Species In The United States

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    Endangered Species in the United States Introduction Healthy ecosystems provide adequate food production and enable medical research advancement. The loss of ecosystems, including the plants and animals which inhabit them, would be devastating to the human population. Ecosystems provide “provisioning services” to people’s everyday lives (Ecosystem Services). This includes clean drinking water, wood, fuel, food, and medical benefits for the entire human population (Ecosystem Services). Ecosystems

  • The Pros And Cons Of Trophy Hunting

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    either species die out due to being hunted by the other? Trophy hunting should be illegal. It should be illegal because it can be harmful to endangered and these species should be protected properly. Not to mention it can be a cruel form of hunting and a cruel death. To begin with, trophy hunting should not be legal because these animals should be protected. In fact, the New York Times article states that the Obama Administration has placed lions in Africa under the protection of the Endangered Species

  • Why Clouded Leopards Are Considered Cats

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    long not including their tail. These felines eat a variety of animals and many animals that are bigger than them, like deer. Since they are such good tree climbers, it 's considered that they leap onto their prey from above. Clouded leopard are endangered species and live all over Southeastern Asia in tropical and subtropical evergreen rainforests. Clouded leopards are protected by local laws. What Is A Clouded Leopard? A Clouded Leopard is a medium sized feline or cat. It has clouded like spots

  • Arguments Against Trophy Hunting

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    causes pain and suffering, species to be endangered, and distribution of the food chain. Pain and suffering is not something anyone or anything should feel. Lots of animals suffer slowly and painfully from bullets and other glorifying tools. “ Quick kills are rare, and many animals suffer long prolonged, painful deaths When hunters try to kill, they severely injure the animal but fail to kill them.”

  • Florida Panther Essay

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    Osceola is a male Florida Panther, a critically endangered species with less than 200 individuals remaining in the wild. His territory stretches across about 200 square miles of land in South Florida, and he travels about 20 miles a day within it searching for prey. When Osceola first established his territory, it encompassed 200 square miles of prime hunting land. Food was plentiful and Osceola was able to mate with several females in and around his territory. Recently, however, Osceola has had

  • Sea Lion Essay

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    it lives around several parts of the world and has over seven species and one extinct and they are the California Sea Lion, Steller Sea Lion, Australian Sea Lion, Galapagos Sea Lion, New Zealand Sea Lion, South American Sea Lion, and the Japanese Sea Lion which went extinct due to WWII. The Sea Lion belongs into the Kingdom of animalia, Phylum: chordata, Class: mammalia, Order: carnivora, Family: otariidae, Genus: Zalophus, Species: pinnipeds. Where Sea Lions are found almost across the world they

  • Taiga Research Paper

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    consists of large evergreen spruce, fir and pine trees, and a tree called the deciduous larch. These trees are dominant in the taigas other than America. In America, the trees that dominate the forest are species of spruce and fir. Animals that live in the taiga and are labeled as “key” species of the taiga are Bobcat, Moose, Elk, and Amur Tiger or Siberian tiger. With these predators and prey in the forest, it creates the need for many niches to be filled. The Taiga is known for mostly rodents and

  • Abuse In Zoos

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    it was stated, “In addition, zoological parks and aquariums have played a role in helping to preserve species that have been driven close to extinction due to habitat loss and hunting” (Point). Taking an endangered animal out of its habitat and putting it in a place where it cannot be harmed will help out that species for a while. The Zoos main part it plays is protection for that endangered species, but what is questioned is the fact that is it actually being protected or is the Zoo causing more harm

  • Persuasive Essay Zoos

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    not people entertainment. It is seems like animals in zoos should be free and live in wildlife where they belong. Zoos may be very necessary for endangered species. But, there are different ways how to save and continue endangered species, and every zoo have had choice how they do it. Some zoos are breeding endangered species trying to continue the species, but that is not right, because it leads to very complicated health issues. For example white tiger who are very rare animal, breeding requirements

  • Argument Against Trophy Hunting

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    Proponents of trophy hunting claim that killing for sport generates revenue for impoverished countries and supports conservation. Opponents of trophy hunting argued that trophy hunting has further decreased the already dwindling amount of endangered and nearly endangered species, as it

  • Endangered Primates Essay

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    According to The 2014–2016 list of the world’s 25 most endangered primates from Africa, Madagascar, and Asia. In Africa, Roloway monkey, Grauer’s gorilla, and Tana River red colobus. In Madagascar, both bamboo lemur and the Red ruffed lemur are on the endangered species list. In Asia, the Tonkin snub-nosed monkey, Pig-tailed snub-nosed langur and Philippine tarsier are dwelling fast. Roloway monkeys are an arboreal species found primarily in undisturbed, mature forests. Due to human

  • Argumentative Essay-Hunting Should Be Banned

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    Why are there specific animals that are endangered or going extinct? Because humans are to blame. This essay will explore the different ways of why trophy hunting is treacherous and why we should ban it. There is nothing humane about bringing an animal into the biosphere only to profit off their death. Prophet Muhammad once said, “Whoever is kind to the creatures of God is kind to himself”. While trophy hunting often brings in money to certain locations, it’s counterproductive to the overall knowledge

  • Essay On Lemurs

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    Did you know that there is numerous species that are endangered and becoming extinct? One terrestrial mammal that is experiencing threats to their extinction are lemurs, this jeopardized spices' is most common in our zoos today then in the wildlife. African islands including Madagascar is their natural habitat, and studies demonstrate that is their only home in the world because the geographical location is isolated. There are different kinds of lemurs and some of the most common ones that we know

  • Environmental Effects Of Poaching

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    poaching and trafficking of animals and their body parts. They have also reported that over 8,000 endangered species do not receive any federal protection. Unfortunately, poaching is a desirable industry for many organized crime groups because wildlife crime sentences are lenient, and probationary

  • Essay On Wood Turtle Research Paper

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    or two of them. This is because this kind of turtle is endangered. This kind of turtle has been endangered for many years now. Ever since the ice age, the turtles’ population has been going down. What can you do to help the wood turtle? In this paper, you will find out not only how to help the wood turtles, but more information about them too. Ever since the ice age, the wood turtle population has been going down. The wood turtle is a species of turtle that has orangish shoulders and is in the group

  • Why Should We Protect Endangered Species

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    Why should endangered species be protected by humans? People should know that animals and plants are creature that have the right to live in peace. Endangered species are animals and plants that will be extinct because of human activities such as hunting. Some people would use many kind of animals to take their leather and use to it as clothes, bags, and shoes. Also, humans are cutting plants in a suspicious way without thinking about this act and how it may affect nature. Due to this horrible action

  • Jessica Walden Chasing Loons Analysis

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    Jessica Walden’s writing in Chasing Loons, she argues that the locals in Rhineland, Wisconsin are careless and inconsiderate when it comes to sustaining the remaining population of the loons. She does this by explaining the condition in which the endangered birds, the loons, are living in. She describes the shores to be filled with beefy jerky wrappers and Mountain Dew cans, the trees to be filled with the loon’s natural predator, the eagle, and the slips of the docks surrounding the lakes to be littered