Black Bears Research Paper

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Did you realize that a bear can almost weigh as much as a car and can be strong enough to break parts off of a variety of items? Although they’re shy and easily frightened, you should maintain a distance. How big is a bear? For instance, a bear weighs around 500 to 900 lbs. Also bears can become around five feet long when a bear is full grown. Plus a bear 's paw exists to be around two feet long at the max. Also, they are one of the top ten largest mammals on earth. How Athletic a bear can achieve?
Plus, bears can run up to 30 mph. In addition bears seem to be not the fastest climbers up to 3 mph. For instance, a bear is extraordinarily strong it can knock a person 's head off in one swipe. In addition, keep your distance when you spot one and that is how athletic a bear can become. …show more content…

What a bear achieves?
In addition, a bear happens to be a hibernating animal. Nevertheless, they only hibernate in the winter. Also,they happen to be endangered in certain countries,despite they are put in captivity and killed and they can be hunted by numerous people. Also bears are mammals since they give birth to live animals. Plus there exist to be various types of bears such as black bears, grizzly, panda, polar, and sun bear. Also a bear lives in caves, and trees.

Bears are a significant fragment of the earth since they keep the deer overpopulation from happening. Also, they eat most of the beetles that eat the

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