Black Bears Research Paper

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The United States of America abounds with beautiful scenery, amazing natural resources, and fascinating animals. Each state can boast of its unique natural resources. The state of Alaska provides an abundant habitat for numerous species of mammals, fish, and birds. Many species of mammals reside in Alaska. One is of the bear species, the black bear. Black bears have a medium to heavy frame with large ears and powerful limbs. The black bear has a coat that can differentiate from brown, cinnamon, blond, grey-blue, and of course, black. They can adapt to their environment easily but are normally found in forested areas. It has a diet that consists of fruits, buds, berries, nut, insects, and food lest by humans. They are incredible climbers that can use their claws to extract food from the trees. Black bears can weigh from one hundred twenty to six hundred sixty pounds and get to be as tall …show more content…

The chum salmon, often call dog salmon, is the most widely spread species of pacific salmon. However, they are regarded as less desirable and used as dried meat. They feed on insect larvae and move to crustaceans, terrestrial insects and young herring while moving to the sea. Also, they eat copepods, tunicates mollusks and a variety of fish while at sea. They can be as long as twenty eight inches and weigh up to thirteen pounds with the males being larger than females (¨All Animals 2). Another type is the pink salmon. Pink salmon are considered the smallest of all pacific salmon. They weigh usually between three decimal five and five pounds and are on average twenty to twenty five inches long. Adults have bright greenish-blue and silvery skin, small scales, and pink flesh. They develop black spots when going to freshwater. Different from the chum salmon, pink salmon are the most desirable species of the salmon. They are canned and harvested commercially and have been since the late eighteen

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