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  • Informative Essay On Alaska

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    Alaska was the 49th state to be added to the United states of America on January 3, 1959. To give some background information on Alaska, her are some facts. The name Alaska comes from the Aleut Indian word alaxsxaq which means ‘mainland’ or ‘great land’ (Alaska: Facts, Map and State Symbol). Covering 21% of the United States, Alaska has an area of 663,300 miles (Alaska: Facts, Map and State Symbol). Even though Alaska is a bit out of the way, it still inhabits about 700,000 people. Juneau is the

  • Write A Letter To Alaska

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    along my journey to Alaska who have stimulated different perspectives and outlooks towards me on life. I worked a while back on an agricultural farm for a man by the name of crazy Ernie, who I, truthfully, most regret working with, for he had no intent of paying me for my services. I also worked at a fast food place where I quit a few weeks in, I realized I was miserable and went along with my extravagant journey to Alaska. You are probably speculating how I managed to get to Alaska on my own, I hitched

  • Miles Pudge In Looking For Alaska

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    Miles ‘Pudge’ Halter in Looking for Alaska by John Green is looking for his Great Perhaps. While the book doesn’t state it, and Miles himself might not know, but he found it in Alaska Young. She is his Great Perhaps, the biggest thing to have ever happened to him, the reason Miles was meant to leave his public school and go to Culver Creek. Alaska Young began Miles’ life. On page 5, Miles says, “I was after a Great Perhaps, and they knew as well as I did that I wasn’t going to find it with the

  • Looking For Alaska Miles Analysis

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    possibly connected with the Slavic element name Minu which means “gracious”. Miles has a certain penchant of memorizing the famous last words of individuals. Miles develops a very significant liking of Alaska throughout the book. The novel is told in the perspective of Alaska. This causes the view of Alaska to change because Miles has a enormous liking of her, and multiple perceptions develop throughout the story. Miles does not fit with the meaning of his name. Miles is not a soldier, in terms of that

  • Alaska Oil Industry Essay

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    What would Alaska be without the Mining and oil industries. Pretty much nothing, just a big chunk of beautiful land. The Mining and oil Industries in Alaska have been getting a lot of speculation due to people being worked up about the damage it causes to the environment, or the land we would be taking up with these projects. But really that is the least of anyone's issues. The oil and mining industries are very important to Alaska and they need to grow. The impact it has on everyone's lives is great

  • Analysis Of Alaska By Shaun Callarman

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    dangerous woods in Alaska by himself. Callarman believes, "[Chris]was bright and ignorant at the same time," and suggests McCandless for being "just plain crazy." Although the tragic outcome of Chris depicts he was not prepared or experienced with these types of adventures, I highly doubt his actions declare him as a lunatic. Instead of blaming why the young man persished, we must see to what happened during his escapade. When Chris decided to explore a mapped part of Alaska, he uses good judgement

  • Literary Devices In Baked Alaska

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    In his article “Baked Alaska: Surviving Aniakchak National Monument”, Christopher Solomon argues the importance of taking risks and traveling where few have gone before. Though there might be hardships along the way, the experiences will be worth it. Solomon provides sufficient evidence by sharing his feelings, using statistics, and using literary devices to support his argument. However, his experience is only relatable to those who are daredevils. To the rest of us, this article is more of an informative

  • Treaty Of Cession For Alaska Pros And Cons

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    1867, Treaty of Cession with the Russians, made clear that the inhabitants of Alaska "with the exception of uncivilized native tribes, shall be admitted to the enjoyment of all rights, advantages, immunities of citizens of the united states...", to be clearer, this meant the Alaskan natives did not get the same rights as a citizen did. The native people were not second class citizens. They weren't even citizens to Alaska, "The uncivilized tribes will be subject to such laws and regulations as the

  • Skwentna River In Shem Pete's Alaska

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    Shem Pete’s Alaska is about the wonders that Alaska has to give. Shem Pete focuses mainly on rivers located in Alaska in this book, such as the Skwentna River, Matanuska River, Turnagain Arm, and so on. Shem Pete gives a brief description of each river, the surroundings, and the culture within the area. From what I have read, every place that Shem Pete talks about, has their own language, and is very diverse and the rivers of Alaska has the most beautiful rivers in the world. Not only are these rivers

  • Should The United States Drill For Alaska Dbq Essay

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    For centuries the United States has been a beacon of hope for environmentalism, and it is imperative for our country that we preserve this identity. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge or ANWR is in the secluded northeastern corner of Alaska and could contain large reserves of oil in the Prudhoe Bay region. The question of whether or not to drill for oil has been a controversial topic in American politics for decades, though the evidence will show that drilling for oil is a mistake for this country

  • The Life Of Alaska Was Changed By The Work Of Thomas B. Stewart

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    Through the transition between territory and state, it is certain that Alaska was changed by the work of Thomas B. Stewart. Thomas Stewart, commonly known as Tom, was born on January 1, 1919, as the fourth of five children to Ben and Edna Stewart. Growing up, Tom spent much of his time outdoors, becoming a talented skier, a skill he would later use to become part of the 10th Mountain Division for the U.S. Army in WW11. After his service, he became a crucial part of Alaska’s fight for statehood and

  • Voting In Alaska

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    But Alaska is a perfect example of why the Electoral College was created. Because it 's such a big state geographically, and because it is so far from the 48 contiguous states, Alaska has unique interests that, many would argue, deserve representation equal to the interests of New York or California. Other big western states with small populations

  • Looking For Alaska

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    Title: Looking for Alaska Author: The author of Looking for Alaska is John Green. Out of all of his books, I have read three books total. Type of Book: The genre of this book is known as young adult fiction. The people that would like to read this book are mainly young adults, ranging from mid-teens to the mid-twenties. Characters: The main characters found in this book are Miles “Pudge” Halter, Alaska Young, and Chip “Colonel” Martin. Miles leaves Florida in search of the great perhaps,

  • Glaciers In Alaska

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    According to the Alaska Dispatch News article. Glaciers are melting drastically and loosing 75 billion tons of ice a year. If all the glaciers melt in Alaska then a foot of water will be on top of the land from the melted glaciers. From the recent climate changes of the weather getting warmer, the glaciers are melting faster. Sea level is also rising from the melting of glaciers. Anchorage is under sea level therefore Anchorage may become a lake. Also the Cook Inlet sound is along Anchorage and current

  • Looking For Alaska

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    Looking for Alaska By John Green ____________________ A Book Report Submitted to LANI FE F. ADVINCULA Regional Science High School III In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Subject Reading and Writing Skills ____________________ By: Christian Jacob D. Custodio January 5, 2018 INTRODUCTION “Looking for Alaska” is a novel made by John Green. It was published in March 2015 by Dutton Juvenile, a well-known publisher in the United States. Being his first novel, the story was

  • Looking For Alaska

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    school so he go introduced to Alaska, Takumi and Lara. Miles first night at the school and he gets in to something. In the middle of the night he get dragged out of the school, gets covered in tape and gets thrown into the school lake. After what happed to him that night he got closer and closer with The Colonel and his friends. As he got to know they

  • Labyrinth In Alaska

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    turned upside down, he meets Alaska Young. Alaska is a bad influence and completely different than Pudge, yet she takes

  • Love For Alaska

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    Alaska to me is a place where I can be free from school work and the stressful times that are my life. It is an escape to the wilderness where my problems don't exist, where I can get lost in the beautiful untamed landscape and just be in a constant state of bliss. I will have my wonderful, beautiful, smart, and amazing aunt and my all loving perfect mother who never gets a break to guide me on this journey. The 49th state is one of the few remaining places in America that has not been devastated

  • Eulogy For Alaska

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    my parents decided that the best thing for us to do at the time would be for us to move up to Alaska. My dad was going to start a construction company alongside my grandpa, and it would be an adventure that we would remember for the rest of our lives. We had visited several times previously, but this would be different all together. Here are just a few of the things that I noticed were different in Alaska from California and other states that I’ve visited. In June of 2004, after first grade, we

  • Looking For Alaska

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    Looking for Alaska Looking for Alaska is a beautifully written book. It has very moving, passionate, and thought-provoking parts to it. I believe readers of all ages can connect to this book in some way. That is why it's such a universal and popular book. I believe readers can connect with this book because of the way it was written. The characters seem to be actually real. The characters do bad things, like drinking, smoking, using bad language, and participating in sex, but everyone does that