Bear Essays

  • Essay On Panda Bears

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    What species? The giant panda usually known as just the panda bear is a black and white bear that lives from eating bamboo and is from China. This bear is usually known as adorable and cute that many people pay so much attention to. As many go by the name of panda bear, the scientific name is actually Ailuropoda melanoleuca and most don’t know but they provide more than just being cute. So what makes it giant? Well, it weights to about 330 pounds and is more than four feet tall despite this their

  • Black Bears Essay

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    The adaptations of bears have changed drastically due to hunting or habitat loss and sometimes captured for performances because of aggressive behavior and destruction of personal crops. The adaptions alter the way these eight species of bears grow and prosper. The development of their physical, dietary, and population has opposed how bears should really advance as group. Like all animals, black bears exhibit specific adaptations that help them survive in their habitats. Black bears are scientifically

  • Grizzly Bear Essay

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    Grizzly Bear The Ursus arctos horriblilis mostly known as the Grizzly bear is a mammal and an Omnivore. At around the height of 2 meters it is a historic type of bear. It is famous for it’s massive claw’s and it large intake of food per day averaging at 30 kilo’s. As omnivores, Grizzly bears will eat anything nutritious that they can find, gorging foods ranging from roots to sheep. Their diet adapts depending on what foods are available for the season. The Grizzly bear is one of the biggest and

  • Polar Bear Environment

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    Polar bears are the largest land carnivores in the world. Polar bears are marine mammals, and spend much of their time on Arctic sea ice. Many adaptations make polar bears uniquely suited to life in icy habitats and Polar bears feed almost exclusively on ringed seals and bearded seals. They are also known to eat walrus, beluga whale and bowhead whale carcasses, birds’ eggs, and (rarely) vegetation. Polar bears travel great distances in search of prey. (defender,2017). Polar bears succeed in catching

  • Essay On Brown Bears

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    I have chosen to write about brown bears. Classifying about brown bears, brown bears belong to Kingdom Animalia. Not only are brown bears, other animals also belonged in Kingdom Animalia. In Kingdom, prokaryotes are not contained, and instead it contains eukaryotes. All animals belonged in Kingdom Animalia, are multicellular, mobile, reproduce sexually and heterotrophs. (Myers, 2001) The definition of heterotrophs is an organism that is unable to synthesize its own organic carbon-based compounds

  • Descriptive Essay: An Adventurous Bear

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    An Adventurous Bear There was a bear, whose name was Sam, used to live in a forest. One day, while he was sitting alone on a riverbank, an idea struck him. He thought about visiting the new places, meeting new creatures, new people, because, he had grown bored with his surrounds. Every time, he would see the same faces and the same things. Most of the time, he would wander near the river and into the woods in search of food. He could never experience and enjoy an adventurous life. He thought that

  • Issues In Touching Spirit Bear

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    because there was no instance where he or she needed to leave his or her comfort zone or figure out life. Often times, situations like these can happen to people because they spent their entire lives avoiding scenario after scenario. In Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen, one of the central topics addressed in the novel is finding solutions to problems in life. The protagonist, Cole, overcomes serious problems he has and, in turn, makes his life more agreeable. Not only does Cole tackle tough situations

  • Questions About Polar Bears

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    Polar Bears Have you ever wondered how Polar bears swim and never freeze to death? Or what they eat? Polar bears live in the coldest parts of the world I know everyone with a brain probably Don’t be so rude to me it’s rude knows that but if you look further into these questions you will find out why Polar bears can love to be in the cold. I will be explaining these questions and more in depth in this paper so all your questions about Polar bears disappear and you can go to your mom and dad and say

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Bear Hunt

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    The Hunt It was a gloomy September day and the bear hunting season was about to begin. The old farm truck was loaded full with barrels of cooking grease, assorted candy, birdseed and tubes of sticky frosting. We were to hunt four hours north in a little town called Orr, Minnesota. My family had an 80 acre lot that we used strictly for hunting. My mom volunteered to sit in the stand with me and videotape the hunt. She was excited as I to begin this new hunting experience. Near the Canadian border

  • Sleeping Polar Bear Analysis

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    Richard Bosman created an woodcut called the Polar Bear II in 1981, and then thirteen years later, another polar bear image was engraved by Joseph Hecht, called the Sleeping Polar Bear. In Hecht’s engraving, he created an every minimal piece, while Boseman created a very detailed piece. Although both artists used a similar subject matter, polar bears, they each created an image which related it own story by their methods, materials, and treatments of each of the pieces. Boseman evokes a nightmarish

  • Baby Bear: A Short Story: Momma Bear

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    time, there was a bear named Baby Bear. Baby Bear was a sweet young bear who loved to spend time with his family. One sunny morning, while Baby Bear was lying in bed and reading his favorite book called "ABBA The Elephant", his mom called him down for breakfast. “Baby Bear, come down for breakfast!” called Momma Bear. Baby Bear came from his tiny bedroom. He ran down the stairs very hungry for his breakfast. “Mommy, are we having waffles again for breakfast?” asked Baby Bear. “No honey, we're

  • Polar Bears Persuasive Essay

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    Polar bears are seen as being one of the most beautiful bears around the world. With their white coated fur, and have footpads that are like non-slip shoes (National Wildlife Federation 1). Polar bears have been around for over a million years, and are evolved from the brown bears which moved to the arctic area in the world. The reasons why polar bears matter are because they have a very important role in the marine environment, but to keep the marine environment healthy we need to keep these polar

  • Book Report On Touching Spirit Bear

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    Cole Getting attacked by a giant bear alone in the forest and then having to lay on the ground without being able to use of an arm or legs would change the way the world is seen, would it not? Maybe having to sit in a freezing river then having to carry a huge rock up a mountain might change something. If forgiving anyone and everyone who had hurt you and you moved on, don’t you think that some little part of you might change? In the book Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen, Cole was able to

  • Do Polar Bears Keep Warm

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    Penguins and polar bears live in some of the coldest climates on earth. In order to survive they need to be able to insulate and keep themselves warm. For the last couple of weeks my class have been investigating how penguins and polar bears keep warm in the coldest temperatures. I am going to report how they do this and how polar bears keep warm and how this relates to penguins keeping warm. How Penguins keep warm Penguins use their feathers as insulators on land, instead of having the large

  • Persuasive Essay On Polar Bears

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    t - Biological conservation essay - Ursidae Currently there are 8 species of bear, six of these eight species are, at the moment, listed as vulnerable with the Giant Panda only very recently being removed from the endangered animals list. Bears can be found in various places all over the world, some being found in specific countries or areas while others are more widespread. This range in homes means different habitats and behaviours but also different threats to their populations, though they

  • Gummi Bear Lab Report

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    experiment is to investigate the movement of water into and out of a polymer. Hypotheses: • If Gummi Bears are submerged in tap water and distilled water, they will expand due to osmosis in order to create equilibrium in hypotonic solution • If Gummi Bears are submerged in salt water, they will decrease inside to create equilibrium in a hypertonic solution Materials: • 2 Gummi Bears • 2 plastic 8oz cups • 2 forks • Distilled water • Centimeter rule • Saturated salt solution

  • Martha Stewart And The Cannibal Polar Bear Analysis

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    Polar Bears in Jon Mooallem’ new book Wild Ones the author makes a strong connection with the audience by seamlessly drawing you in by presenting closeness and familiarity. He simply puts himself to the position to where the reader must look up to him as an expert and someone they can relate to. The author also uses strong ethical based claims that make you almost feel bad for the polar bears. In the excerpt the mooallem explains a northern military fort that was known as “the polar bear capital

  • Polar Bear Climate Change

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    The Effects of Climate Change on Canadian Polar Bears Although climate change has had severe impact on the Canadian population, the melting of the Canadian Arctic ice caps has proved to be detrimental to the five subpopulations of polar bears in Canada, which are found in the Arctic Archipelago, Beaufort Sea, Hudson Bay and James Bay region. (Clark). Polar bears are dependent upon sea ice coverage to be consistent, and because of the recent change in climate, they are becoming a more at risk species

  • The Bear Who Beloved Toothpaste Analysis

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    The Bear Who Loved Toothpaste Nancy Lee   Baxter was a very happy and lazy black bear. He knew he was not like other boy bears. Baxter did not want to spend all his time fishing in the streams, or looking for berries to eat. Why should he? Baxter had found something special! Baxter’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner was found at the garbage dump. Old fish tails, moldy bread, and peanut butter were Baxter’s favorite. Baxter had free food, and he did not have to work hard to get it. What an easy

  • Essay On Baby Bear

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    see the animals and loved it. Annie had a little stuffed animal bear that she would always bring with her everytime she went camping. When she went she wanted to see a bear and give it a hug. Everytime she went she would always wait up at the fire while her dad was down fishing to see a bear. Annie did not understand that bears could hurt someone very easily. The little girl had never told her father that she wanted to see a bear and play with it. Her father was never up at the campsite with