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  • Polar Bears: The Evolution Of A Polar Bear

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    Evolution of polar bears Polar bears have very interesting history, they evolved from bears. Polar bears have black skin but there fur is white because they adapted to the arctic ocean. They use the sea ice to platform to hunt their prey. They hunt seals for prey. They have 45 teeth that help them tear seals skin. Polar Bears have adapted to their environment by many reasons. The main reason is by their fur because they have thick oily fur coat. They also have have a layer of fat under their skin

  • Claw Sun Bear

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    of the sun bear, Herlarctos malayanus, influence the diet and overall ability to climb in different parts of the forest? Introduction The sun bear, Herlarctos malayanus, is a native to the Southeast Asian tropical forest; this includes the semi evergreen forests, the mixed deciduous forests, and the montane evergreen forests. The sun bear is a small species of bear, with short fur, a long tongue, and long claws. The prominent trait of this species is the long claws as it allows the bear to climb high

  • Black Bears Essay

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    The adaptations of bears have changed drastically due to hunting or habitat loss and sometimes captured for performances because of aggressive behavior and destruction of personal crops. The adaptions alter the way these eight species of bears grow and prosper. The development of their physical, dietary, and population has opposed how bears should really advance as group. Like all animals, black bears exhibit specific adaptations that help them survive in their habitats. Black bears are scientifically

  • Essay On Panda Bears

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    What species? The giant panda usually known as just the panda bear is a black and white bear that lives from eating bamboo and is from China. This bear is usually known as adorable and cute that many people pay so much attention to. As many go by the name of panda bear, the scientific name is actually Ailuropoda melanoleuca and most don’t know but they provide more than just being cute. So what makes it giant? Well, it weights to about 330 pounds and is more than four feet tall despite this their

  • Compare And Contrast Polar Bear And Grizzly Bear

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    built to be at the top of the food chain. The Grizzly bear has its sharp claws as well as its humped shoulders and back that gives the animal its brute strength not to mention its razor sharp fangs which are deadly when used. The polar bear has its strong thick claws and it also has sharp long carnivorous teeth that are perfect for shredding flesh. These mammals both have the essential tools for survival, but they aren’t born a threat. Each bear has to start off small and grow just as any other organism

  • Essay On Black Bears

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    Black Bears fur can range in color to very black or brown. American black bears are omnivorous, they like to eat berries, meats, roots, insects, larvae, and fish. They are also able to murder adult deer and hoofed wildfire kill elk, deer, and moose they are attractive to human garbage. Grizzly Bears are dark brown, there are omnivores. They eat roots off plants, berries, and eat through garbage dumps. Female Black Bear gives birth to their cubs in the winter in the den. In January or in February

  • The Spirit Bear Analysis

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    Cole’s Life Conflict What if the Cole was the Spirit Bear? What if he was really fighting with himself the whole time? It would make sense, whenever the Spirit Bear was around Cole, it is feeling the same way that Cole was. Cole Matthews was a sarcastic and a dishonest fifteen-year-old that was always angry and looking for trouble. He had a problem with blaming people for his troubles, when really that main problem was himself. Cole had parents that didn’t even care about him, his father always

  • Persuasive Speech: Grizzly Bears

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    the Greater Yellowstone region only inhabited about 136 grizzly bears (United States)? A. The Federal Government quickly protected them under the Endangered Species Act, and that is still in force today. B. The population has grown to approximately 839 bears in 2014 (United States) II. [Establish Controversy/Justify Topic] It is expected that by the end of 2015 the federal government will determine whether or not the grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone region will remain on the endangered species

  • Grizzly Bear Essay

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    Grizzly Bear The Ursus arctos horriblilis mostly known as the Grizzly bear is a mammal and an Omnivore. At around the height of 2 meters it is a historic type of bear. It is famous for it’s massive claw’s and it large intake of food per day averaging at 30 kilo’s. As omnivores, Grizzly bears will eat anything nutritious that they can find, gorging foods ranging from roots to sheep. Their diet adapts depending on what foods are available for the season. The Grizzly bear is one of the biggest and

  • Essay On Brown Bears

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    I have chosen to write about brown bears. Classifying about brown bears, brown bears belong to Kingdom Animalia. Not only are brown bears, other animals also belonged in Kingdom Animalia. In Kingdom, prokaryotes are not contained, and instead it contains eukaryotes. All animals belonged in Kingdom Animalia, are multicellular, mobile, reproduce sexually and heterotrophs. (Myers, 2001) The definition of heterotrophs is an organism that is unable to synthesize its own organic carbon-based compounds

  • Foreshadowing In Touching Spirit Bear

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    Touching Spirit Bear, Cole deals with extreme anger issues. Beating up kids, and always wanting to get his way. However, a year-long banishment to an isolated island teaches him his lesson when he is almost immediately mauled by the Spirit Bear, which leaves him immobile and reflective. The situation is different from what he is normally used to, and Cole finds himself learning more about the world. Later, the bear comes back, standing over him, waiting. Instead of killing Cole, the bear walks off, leaving

  • Grizzly Bear Environmental Issues

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    decision to euthanize the bear was that a significant portion of the (hiker's) body was consumed and cached with the intent to return for further feeding," the park said in a media statement. "Normal defensive attacks by female bears defending their young do not involve consumption of the victim's body." The grizzly bear was captured in a matter of minutes after the park ranger found mr Crosby's body on August 7 2105. The park evidence said

  • Issues In Touching Spirit Bear

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    because there was no instance where he or she needed to leave his or her comfort zone or figure out life. Often times, situations like these can happen to people because they spent their entire lives avoiding scenario after scenario. In Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen, one of the central topics addressed in the novel is finding solutions to problems in life. The protagonist, Cole, overcomes serious problems he has and, in turn, makes his life more agreeable. Not only does Cole tackle tough situations

  • Polar Bear Environment

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    Polar bears are the largest land carnivores in the world. Polar bears are marine mammals, and spend much of their time on Arctic sea ice. Many adaptations make polar bears uniquely suited to life in icy habitats and Polar bears feed almost exclusively on ringed seals and bearded seals. They are also known to eat walrus, beluga whale and bowhead whale carcasses, birds’ eggs, and (rarely) vegetation. Polar bears travel great distances in search of prey. (defender,2017). Polar bears succeed in catching

  • Touching Spirit Bear Analysis

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    Touching Spirit Bear: Cole’s Conflicts Have you ever thought about all the conflicts in your life? If you look back you probably realize that a lot of them were bad, but you must have overcome them if you are thinking about them now. You’d most likely figure that a fifteen-year-old wouldn’t have to much to worry about yet, but Cole Matthews is unlike any child that you could ever imagine. Lets just say that some of his conflicts include being beat by his father and in general being ignored by both

  • Touching Spirit Bear Analysis

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    Conquering Anger In the novel Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelson, Cole overcomes his anger and problems. Cole learns to overcome these by forgiving his dad, accepting responsibility for his actions, and by doing the morning ritual that Edwin taught him. Doing these things helps him realize that anger is a memory and he has use it to grow as an individual. Cole conquers his anger by working through many detrimental internal and external conflicts, and learning to forgive those who have hurt him

  • Evolution Of Bears Essay

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    Bears have evolved throughout many, many years. There are multiple different types of bears including the brown bear, polar bear, panda bear, etc. Before bears, there were, and still are, animals like raccoons and lesser pandas. The bears’ closest “relatives” would be found in the pinniped, canid, and musteloid families. Bears are found in the ursidae family. The bears’ evolution started around 30 million years ago. Early ancestors of bears compare to bears now because they have some of the same

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Bear Hunt

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    The Hunt It was a gloomy September day and the bear hunting season was about to begin. The old farm truck was loaded full with barrels of cooking grease, assorted candy, birdseed and tubes of sticky frosting. We were to hunt four hours north in a little town called Orr, Minnesota. My family had an 80 acre lot that we used strictly for hunting. My mom volunteered to sit in the stand with me and videotape the hunt. She was excited as I to begin this new hunting experience. Near the Canadian border

  • Touching Spirit Bear By Ben Mikealson

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    Touching Spirit Bear, by Ben Mikealson, teaches you that Justice should heal not punish. Cole Mathews is a troubled kid who beats up a kid named Peter Driscal. He gets in trouble and gets an opportunity to go to Circle Justice. Cole is banished to a remote Alaskan island where he gets mauled by a bear. This helps Cole realize that he has been taking the wrong path of life. Cole is already a very troubled kid with a lot of anger issues, attitude, and jail sentences, which, therefore, led him to beating

  • Kermode Bear Research Paper

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    The Kermode Bear The Kermode Bear is a different kind of black bear because it has a gene that normal black bears don’t have. This bear was mentioned in a book called Touching Spirit Bear. This particular bear is a subspecies of the black bear. It has dark nose pads, white or creamy fur, brown eyes, and nearly white claws. This kind of bear is quite rare and maybe about 100 exist near British Columbia. It’s scientific name is the Ursus americanus kermodeii. The few white bears that live outside