Theme Of Touching Spirit Bear

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Emma smith
6th hour

Touching spirit bear The novel Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen is about a 15-year-old boy named Cole who almost beat a kid named Peter to death and then got sent to an island. On this island, Cole was mauled by a bear that he tried to attack out of anger. After Being mauled, Cole finally learned. After being rescued he went back on trial and ended up going back to the island where he and Peter both made up and became friends. Cole has learned how to control his anger. The three main symbols are fire, the spirit bear, and the baby sparrows; these all have a representation of his anger.
I believe that the fire represents his anger through the dances. Because at first, he didn't want to dance because he would look stupid after a while he started doing it and he began to take his anger out in his dances for instance the anger dance where he was trying to get it to the back of hand punching a tree and saying things like I'm sorry and I forgive you. I believe that …show more content…

When Cole was mauled by the bear he spotted a nest full of baby sparrows and he saw their mom. You might be thinking about how baby sparrows affect his anger. Well, let's see when he found the birds. I believed it was the day before the big thunderstorm. In the big thunderstorm, the tree with the babies got struck down and Cole realized how jealous he was of the sparrows because they had a mom to feed and clean them and he never had that type of mother. His mother I believe was somewhat distant with Cole and never really helped Vole as often as she should, especially since the father was beating him and she only tried to stop him once. I'm glad that Cole and his mother got freed from the toxic and abusive relationship she was in and can finally be herself. I feel Cole has also benefited from it and can see that they can break the

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