Quotes From Touching Spirit Bear

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Do you know Cole Matthews? [1] Cole Matthews is the main focus of the young adult book "Touching Spirit Bear" by Ben Mikaelsen. [3]Specifically, Cole is a 15-year-old boy with a rough past and a record for violence stated at the start of the book.[4] Showing distinctly, his baby features, harsh attitude, as well as his shaggy and brownish-blonde hair. Cole has experienced a lot of neglect, as well as physical and emotional abuse in the past, which led him to be frustrated with and resentful toward others.[2] In addition, he snaps at everyone around him to express and communicate his anger. [5]As a result, he has had legal troubles for most of his life, which is why he eventually beats Peter Driscal for exposing his crime to the police [breaking into a hardware …show more content…

He shows an unrelenting and uncompromising determination. For example, to stay afloat Cole begins to swim aggressively and passionately against the tide in hopes of getting to the neighbouring island.[5] Although, he perseveres and continues regardless, "Every minute counted now, and he needed to swim hard", these words that were stated relate to how he suffers severe physical and emotional pain as he swims across the water.[3] Surprisingly, despite his efforts, Cole eventually realizes he lacks the necessary power to reach the mainland because he is indirectly forced to return. [2]To conclude, Cole has incredible bravery in the face of emotional and physical suffering, proving his ability to endure pain and come out the other side stronger. He is also observant, and knowledgeable, and has a unique awareness of what causes others to react. These strengths help him overcome obstacles, which uncover a way toward personal growth. [6] Cole is developing personal

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