Symbolism In Touching Spirit Bear

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Totem poles are a way to show who you are through symbolism. In the novel Touching Spirit Bear, Cole uses a totem pole to remind him how he needs to act everyday of his life. He carves his totem pole to let out his inner anger and to use his time on the island wisely. The first thing on my totem pole is a fish. Fish see things from underneath, just like I do. I get to know people before I judge them. I like people based on their personality, now how they look. Outward appearance is nothing compared to how you act. The next thing on my totem pole is a dolphin. Dolphins are playful and friendly. They try to make fun, but know when to be serious. I love to have fun and I am a very friendly person, but when a friend is in trouble, I will be assertive …show more content…

Otters, similar to dolphins, are very social. Otters love to be the center of attention. Otters live to entertain. I am very talkative and have many friends. I love to make people laugh and want to do anything fun. Just like otters, I love to have a good time! The last animal on my totem pole is a lion. Lions are bold and loyal. They are self-confident and boastful. Both mentally and physically, lions are strong and wholehearted. Just like a lion, I am a leader. I will take control of everything, even things that are out of my reach. Lions will take that risky move, and so will I. I am a lion; hear me roar. The final thing on my totem pole is a cross. This symbol is very important to me; it symbolizes my faith. God is one thing that Cole did not believe he had. He kept saying that if there was a good God, then He would not allow bad things to happen. An example of this is when Cole had been attacked by the Spirit Bear and the baby birds died. He wondered why and how this could happen. God does many things that we don’t understand. What we do understand, is that God does everything for a reason. Everything that happens to you is part of God’s big plan for you. Everything will turn out right in the end, and Cole exhibits this. The whole reason that Cole ended up o the island in the first place is because he made bad choices. These choices led to more bad choices and then Cole had a traumatic experience. This changes Cole’s life forever.

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