Touching Spirit Bear Essay

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What do you need for success? Making friends and building relationships with others can change the way people think and act leading them to the path of success. In Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen, Cole is a no good super arrogant kid who throws a temper tantrum when he's mad. He beats up this other kid named peter because he snitches on him. There , he is sent to a detention center. He goes to this thing called Circle Justice and everyone in there decides that he should be sent to an island all by himself. There, he is isolated and learns how to change. Cole has transformed through his relationships with others because Peter, Garvey and his dad each show him through a different light. In the beginning, Cole smashes Peters head into the ground out of anger. Throughout the book, by building a friendship and meeting Peter again he learns how to forgive and how to make friends again. In the beginning of the story, Cole smashed Peters head because he snitched on him. “With anger that had been brewing all day, he attacked him and started hitting him hard in the face with his bare fists” (8). This …show more content…

In page 64 it shows how abusive he was. “His father shouted as he started hitting Cole again, this time with the metal buckle end” (64). This shows how negative he acted on Cole and it reflects and backlashes on Cole because it gives him the same characteristics like his dad , abusive, short temper, and when he's irritated he doesn't know what to do so he resorts to violence. Towards the end of the book it shows how everything has consequences because Mr.Matthews got charged for abuse. “ One Month after Cole’s return from the island, the police had arrested and formally charged his father with child abuse “ (137). This shows how everything comes with consequences and how people need to step up. The only reason he got charged was because his mom admitted to. Overall, These were 3 people who changed him

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