The Journey In Wes Moore's Life

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Wes Moore’s Journey in Life The superficial similarities of two kids have an identical name, Wes Moore, grown up in the same neighborhood at the same time with fatherless families. Both kids had beaten into troubles with the police. However, their paths in adulthood diverged due to their personal choices, decisions, and values, forming two different experiences in career and life. Each one has learned many lessons from their courses in life which established their personal morality. In particular, the author, Wes Moore, was driven by positive outcomes from his negative conditions resulting from him a successful person in his adulthood. As a result, the inspiring story of the author, Wes Moore, could be described in three themes: Peer, Parent, and Family Support; Loss and Redemption; and Decision Making. …show more content…

Wes’s journey in life was affected by his mother’s decisions. According to Wes Moore in the book, “The Other Wes Moore” (2010) “Our neighborhood was getting more and more dangerous; there had been a rash of break-ins in the houses around us” (36). Basically, Wes states that his neighborhood was not safe to live and grow up in. He was born in a poverty-stricken community under hard life conditions with uncontrolled life safety. Thereafter, Wes's mother decided to move to Bronx, New York after his father's distressing death looking for better environmental influences. Then, as Wes puts it "My mother saw Riverdale as a haven, a place where I could escape my neighborhood and open my horizons. But for me, it was where I got lost” (48). In other words, he is saying his mother was determined that no matter how much the world around them seemed ready to crumble, she would definitely able to see him going through it. She wanted him to enter in the Riverdale School to get a better education molding his academic level but he refused to get in

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