Mistakes Steve Made In Frankenstein

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In society today, there are many people who decide to make bad choices and decisions. Some decisions they make can be life changing. For instance in the book monster there are a few characters who have made bad decisions in this book. The main character Steve is one of the people in the story who has committed a crime. And there are several pieces of evidence to prove this point. Steve was the look out in the robbery but was not responsible for Mr. Nesbitt’s death because him and his friends were talking about the robbery before it even happened, he lied under oath, however he wasn't even in the store when it happened. First off the reason why Steve is guilty is because him and his friends were talking about the robbery before it even happened.( …show more content…

And in the book, there is evidence to prove he did lie. For example in his (on page 140) he says( “I went into the store”.) But later on in the story when he is actually on trial he says he was not in fact at the store. This evidence tells that he is a liar but he is also more suspicious because he lies for no reason. However, even though he is, in fact, guilty of the robbery he is innocent of the murdering of Mr. Nesbitt. Because he wasn't even in the store at the time. (On page 196) Petrocelli asks Bobo (“Petrocelli: “yes, just before you went in, what were you doing ?”.) And Bobo replies with (“Waiting for him to come out”.) Now this one isn't so clear but this piece of evidence tells us that Steve was still in the store before they have even committed the murder. And it hadn't happened until Steve left the store. In conclusion, Steve is clearly guilty of the crime that he is convicted of. He was talking about the robbery with his friend and he was caught lying under oath, however even when found guilty of the robbery he is not responsible for Mr. Nesbitt's deal due to the face he wasn't in the store during the time of the murder. This is a prime example of how many people in society decide to make life-changing decisions that will negatively affect their

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