Shooting Dad Rhetorical Analysis

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Rhetorical Analysis of Shooting Dad The story “Shooting Dad” by Sarah Vowell discusses a story about a teenage girl and her relationship with her father and how they are constantly clashing with each other because they are almost exact opposites. The author develops her story by creating images in the reader 's mind to describe events that happened in her life, the use hyperbole for comedic relief, and irony for emotional effect. The use of these emotional strategies is effective because Vowell is able to use these strategies to help the readers understand the relationship between her and her father. Overall by the use of strategies like imagery, hyperbole, and irony the author creates a piece of writing that shows the relationship between the main character and her father. The use of imagery is important to the story because the author is able to form images in the reader 's mind about the way that certain events unraveled in the story and to describe the appearance of certain objects and places in the story. An example of how the use of imagery was used in the story to describe an event was when the daughters father ran out of the house to shoot some crows because he believed that it was an American tradition, “father heard a …show more content…

Vowell’s use of hyperbole is very important to this story because it allows the story to have a comedic effect so the story won 't get too serious and then turn into a sad story about a girl who can 't find something in common with her father. An example of how the author uses hyperbole for a comedic effect was when she was talking about the main characters experience with guns. The main event refers to guns as sticks of death, the author is also able to make the first time the main character fired a gun into a funny story. That the sound that the gun made was as big as God, and the recoil kicked her back to the ground like a bully. The main character claims that her experience was so bad that she doesn 't want to even touch guns

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