Insert Flap A And Throw-Away Rhetorical Analysis

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Olivia Seeney ENGL 305 The Art of the Essay 3/22/17 Insert Flap A and Throw Away Analysis The main point of this essay was to point out to the reader the ridiculous state of human nature when presented with a situation that is outside of our expertise. As we observe the narrator’s struggle to put together this cardboard toy, his use of both overstatement and understatement show the progression of his frustration with this task. One example of this ironic language can be found in the first sentence when the narrator states “I made a most interesting discovery: the shortest, cheapest, method of inducing a nervous breakdown ever perfected. (Perelman)” As readers we are able to recognize that this is a vast overstatement, however this statement adds a humorous effect to the text that draws our attention to the fact that it is very easy to relate to this feeling of frustration that appears when faced with a task that is difficult to overcome. I think that the author was able to support his thesis fairly well through his use of humor, satire, and irony. There are a variety of instances in which the author uses unnecessarily strong language such as “quavered”, …show more content…

Although the humor and irony is greatly exaggerated in this situation, the author’s style assists the reader in relating to the narrator and becoming more involved in the challenges that are presented within the text. Both in this essay and in Putting Daddy On, I was able to relate to the purpose of each narrative although they used different styles. While this essay focuses more on the effect that humor has on its readers, it is still presented in such a way that the argument becomes relatable to anyone who has encountered a situation similar to this

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