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On every college campus women are being sexually assaulted, and hardly ever is anyone reporting, not even the victim. The image of the five symbols of women in a row with the statement, "One in Five Women will be a victim of sexual assault during her college years" (rampage), underneath uses rhetorical devices like ethos, logos, and pathos to influence the reader and bring awareness to sexual assault in college women. The image is very impacting, and part of why it is that way is because of the image's creators use of credibility. In the image one of the symbols representing a woman is purple and is made out of many female adjectives such as, "Daughter ... Friend ...Classmate ...You" (rampage). The actual use of the color purple is the color that represents awareness of violence; typically for women but not excluded to women. Because the creator of the image was knowledgeable enough to know this, it creates the sense of reliability in that this person is knowledgeable about sexual …show more content…

Sometime in everyone's life they will know, or possibly be a woman in college; and, therefore, the risk factor no longer becomes a statistic but, a terrifying reality. The creators use of ethos makes the image hit close to home and therefore brings awareness to this issue of sexual assault. The statistic is a logical standpoint to an issue that for most is very emotional. The creator knew that most people will be affected emotionally by this kind of topic, very easily and unlike most ads for awareness this one steered away of actually using real women or showing graphic images. Instead, a shocking statistic was used because of the fact that it is so surprising that the prevalence of sexual assault is so high among college students that it was enough to create awareness and instead impacted people emotionally through other visual means than real

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