The Hunting Ground Sociological Analysis

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The documentary called The Hunting Grounds, had multiple concepts that relate to sociology. Using a sociological perspective, it was very prevalent to see the ways college campuses use patriarchy and gender stratification to keep women who have been sexually assaulted on campus from disclosing information or even getting help about these issues. Through the discrimination against women at these gender institutions the women formed a Feminist movement to bring awareness and help to the victims on campuses all around the world and to stop the assaults from reoccurring. The Hunting Grounds is a documentary that reveals the untold stories of women on college campuses and how these women have fought to have their voice heard about sexual assault on campuses. Sexual assault and rape on campuses has always been a major problem for colleges all over the world yet very little has been done to protect the students. Using the sociological perspective it is clear …show more content…

Through gender socialization women are told to stay quiet when it comes to rape and those women are blamed for what happened to them. The patriarchy that still is very prevalent in the college systems today have allowed for this behavior. Gender stratification has allowed for men to get away with their crimes and has forced women to remain silent. When women do speak up they are discriminated against and are called radical feminist. Many feminist movements have started to bring awareness to this issue and are trying to make the world we live in more just for the women who are struggling to have their voice be heard. Women are just fighting for equality and to be heard. The first step is to listen and to act. Can you imagine a time when young women entering into college did not have to fear about sexual assault and rape on campuses? That is a time we all should work towards and strive to

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