A Time To Kill Sociological Analysis

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Society is influenced by everything. Whether it be the place people live, crime and law, family structure, famous people, social stratification and the biggest problem race. The movie A Time To Kill is a perfect example of all of these things. All of these items shape people and shape how they will live their lives. Sociology is the development, structure, and functioning of human society. In the movie A Time To Kill you can see how the black families we poor and not as educated as the white. They lived close together with many kids in their house. They all had to help work around the house or do errands. They went to shops they knew they would not be bothered by the racist whites. Racism is a huge problem in the deep south like Alabama or Mississippi. The blacks had the same rights as whites but they were not treated the same. A lot of time they really had no rights. The blacks basically stayed in their own community so they would not be bothered. Which leads us to the next topic Social Stratification. In A Time To Kill the environment was extremely segregated. It was either white or black. Whites had their own restaurants …show more content…

It was the nuclear family type. A father, a mother, kids, and a dog. This is popular because in the deep south it is very religious and they live in a typical family. Man, woman, and kids. No other way. In the movie, A Time To Kill Samuel L. Jackson could not feed his kids or pay bills while being in jail. He was the only worker. He provides for his family. His wife got nervous when they were running low on funds. He promised her he would take care of it of course and he did. Also, Matthew McConaughey provided for his family as well. His wife stayed home, cooked, cleaned, and took care of their daughter. This is a typical nuclear family. This shows us that no matter what color we are in our environment we will all be similar to how we live. Which leads to the next topic Racial and ethnic

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