Sociology Reflection

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According to the Dictionary, Sociology is defined as the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society. This means that people are willing to study social problems throughout the world and the society that they live in. In my life, I deal with my social class, Gender, Race, Religion, and the time I was born. Because of who I am, I definitely have been a part of a different upbringing and lifestyle that many sociologist may find interesting. My Childhood was pretty different than how I live today. I’m a part of a middle class family with two little sisters. Since I am still in high school, I haven’t experienced that much to say that my social class has changed a lot; However, I have watched my father grow in the company he works for. He has worked his way through many barriers created by “elite” people that doubted his intelligence. He had opened a door to many different opportunities such as working for Google and Apple. Yet he turned them down to give me and my family the life that we so desperately love. I’m able to live a lifestyle that is considered stable to the average person in the United States. I’m lucky enough to have many different experiences because of what my parents have sacrificed for me. Since I am a girl, everything is already set against me. I have to fight the social norms that have been set for thousands of years. Although there has been fight for women 's rights and equality; major companies still don’t pay women the same as

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