Argumentative Essay: Equal Pay For Childless Women

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Today, in America many people do not get treated equally for various reasons. The gender pay gap is a large issue that directly concerns a little over fifty percent of the world. Women construct 50.6 percent of America’s population and still do not get paid as much as their male counterparts. Women receive just about 80 cents per one male dollar for doing the same work. There is a law that says women need to be paid equally and that law is not being enforced. By paying women less, they face punishment based on gender. The gap still exists due to the motherhood penalty, lack of negotiation and employers bias. Sociologists use the term, the “motherhood penalty.” It states that in the workplace, working mothers encounter disadvantages in pay compared to childless women. It also says that women need to negotiate and speak up when they are not paid fairly. Women do not get paid the same as men because of employers biases. Some biases seem to be that women deserve less than men due to their lack …show more content…

Some believe that they do not deserve equal pay because eventually, most women have children and will have to take time off. The employers sometimes think that women do not work hard enough.In fact, 58% of women with children under the age of one work either full or part-time jobs. Some employers also believe that women are not as smart or that they are the second source of income for a household. There are many misconceptions about women and their ability in the workplace. Many of these thoughts stem from long-lived stereotypes and how women were treated in the past. Education has become much better, though and men and women both have access to great education. Therefore the reasoning to treat one gender differently from another should lessen. In the past employers could argue that women do not have the knowledge or capability of working for the same amount, but now they

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