Women In To Kill A Mockingbird

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The women in To Kill a Mockingbird have important roles but very few of them. Many women in To Kill a Mockingbird have responsibilities to take care of the children and care for the Orr residents of the house they live in. Calpurnia for example. Calpurnia is the black female cook for the finch household. However, she does not just cook. She is teaching Scout to be a lady as she grows older and matures. Society's idea of women's roles in Maycomb county remain the same through the story
According to the book every lady has a job within their household. An example of this would be Aunt Alexandra doing her clubs and begging scout to come speak with the ladies rather than play outside; "Jean Louise come speak to these ladies." (Lee 134). Every …show more content…

Calpurina is slowly trying to influence her in a lady like way: "So you just come right on in the kitchen when you feel lonesome." (Lee 154). Calpurnia tries to get Scout in the kitchen because Calpurnia believes that's where women belong. Calpurnia was always happy to see Scout in the kitchen: "She seemed glad to see me when I appeared in the kitchen, and I began to think there was some skill involved in being a girl." (Lee 154). Stereotypes are a major conflict in today's society also. Today the majority of women are paid less than men. With the exception of Calpurnia, and Miss Caroline the women in To Kill a Mockingbird do not get paid. All women who work today are paid, but not as much as men. Men rank themselves higher than women, and they think they're better: "You just hold your head high and be a gentlemen." (Lee 133). Referring to the last quote being a man seems to get them more honor and respect. They are telling Jem to hold his head high and don't argue with Scout because he is better …show more content…

The women are limited: "'For one thing Miss Maudie can't serve on a jury because she is a women-' 'You mean women in Alabama can't-?" (Lee 296). Jem doesn't realize that they think women can't handle the job. "I do. I guess it's to protect our frail ladies from orbit cases like Tom's. Besides, I doubt if we'd ever get a complete case tried- the ladies'd be interrupting to ask questions." (Lee 296). Atticus doesn't believe that women can do the job. He's arguing that women would just make interruptions and argue with people. He doesn't expect much from women. These attitudes towards women are included in today's thoughts towards women too. Today women are paid less than men. Even if they have the same job they have a higher pay scale. Today as of 2015 women are allowed to be a pilot, electrician, surgeon, and a bus driver but they aren't as trusted as men! Not only is this sexist but it is very unfair to the women, maybe one day men and women will all stand together in

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