Persuasive Essay On Pay Gap

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Brooke Smith
DE US History
March 21, 2016
Pay Gap
Do you ever feel like even though you have done just as much work as someone else, you were not rewarded as much? Do you feel it is important that all of us deserve to have the same rights, status, and opportunities? Think about your gender, race, age, origin, class, income, language, religion, health, and preferences. Have any of these made you feel that life is unfair or affected your work place? Ontological equality means that everyone is created equal in the eyes of God. So, with this being said, should not we all be paid the same income for the same job? Right now as you are reading this, people that are not white males are being affected by this ongoing battle of discrimination. Imagine the time we are in. …show more content…

Shining some much-needed sunlight on the gender wage gap will make a difference for every one of us, men and women, right now.” (, 16). “It’s the twenty-first century, and the gender wage gap affects the daily life of women throughout the country, at every economic level, from cashier to CEO. Is it fair? No. Can it be stopped? Absolutely. In this intelligently argued and carefully researched book, Getting Even: Why Women Don 't Get Paid Like Men--And What to Do About It, Evelyn Murphy, Ph.D., examines how much women (and their families) lose over a lifetime to the wage gap, knocks down the myth that women ‘choose’ to make less, and documents the widespread discrimination that 's holding down women 's pay.” The book says that most people believe the pay gap is disappearing slowly, but this is not the case. It says that the pay gap should have ended a decade ago. But, for several years in the 1990s the pay gap widened (Murphy, 17). According to in 2014, the payment of women to men was significantly smaller. It showed that women only got paid, on average, 79% of what men were paid, leaving a 21% gap (, 3). This gap does

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