Two Benefits Of Sociology: Sociology, Culture, And Society

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a. Sociology is the study of the social relationships that affect the humans as well as institutions. It involves many fields of study that include crime, religion, family, race, culture and society among others. It is the primary purpose of sociology to provide linkage to all of these different subjects to help in understanding how humans behave (Smith, 2016). b. Sociological enquiry is the careful analysis of the motivational factors as well as the behavior of a certain individual within a particular group of people. The primary objective of sociological inquiry is to reveal an understanding of the social world that is readily observable. Understanding the social world requires one to fully dedicate their time in observing various phenomena in different times, places and the circumstances that make the events to change. c. Socialization is the process that …show more content…

Sociology helped the society in finding positivism, and it inspired social reforms as well as make the community a better place for living for all the people (Allen, 2011). 5. Describe two benefits of studying sociology. The first benefit of studying sociology is to enable one to look more objectively at a society and how the society behaves and is guided by certain principles. It allows one to understand hoe the society fits together and the consequences that might arise when the community is affected by social change. Secondly, sociology enables one to develop a sense of appreciation for the diversities that are found in a set of people. It also develops the knowledge of an individual on a range of issues including human behavior, the social organization as well as culture. 6. Introduce one classical sociological

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