Importance And Importance Of Sociology

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Sociology is defined as the study of humans, societies and social groups within societies. It is also said to be the ‘science of society’. The subject of sociology tries to help us to understand why we act in certain ways and that what may come across as inevitable may perhaps be shaped and moulded by historical events and processes. It is important as it helps us gain knowledge of the world in which we live and why certain things happen within this world. Patterns may also develop from the study of sociology. There are many difference aspects of sociology such as everyday human interaction to more serious issues such as international relations. Sociology helps us to understand our behaviours as social beings in this world. It is an essential subject as it enables us to have an awareness of societies within the world and different social groups. It also gives us an idea of how people react, why they react this way and conflicts between people. Sociology makes us aware of cultural differences and this allows us to gain many more perspectives on the social world around us. If we can understand how other people around us in the world live, we can better understand them and any problems had by them. Many people throughout history have questioned human beings and the behaviours displayed by them. Before the French Revolution of 1789 and the mid-eighteenth-century Industrial Revolution in Europe, traditional knowledge was passed down generation to generation. Today a more

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