Sociology Of Homelessness Research Paper

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Any person living in a temporary location such as a shelter or a place not fit for human habitation is considered homeless according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development.” Homelessness is caused by inequalities and lack of resources. Homeless people are everywhere we go, but we still do not pay attention to them. Factors that can contribute to a person becoming homeless is lack of affordable housing, job loss, mental illness, and substance or domestic violence. Anthropology’s focuses its attention on the cultural concepts that shape our thinking about homelessness. Among other studying the issue, economists focused much of their attention on the central problem faced by the homeless a lack of housing. Among the reasons for…show more content…
Sociologists are interested in how resources in society are distributed. Sociology is a best discipline to help find a solution for homelessness. Thinking sociologically can help us to better comprehend social issues and problems. It allows us to understand personal troubles as part of the institutions of society. Looking at poverty, myths and misconceptions dominate both popular and political discussions. Sociological thinking can be helpful in trying to disentangle poverty from a range of related concepts and largely pejorative discussions about a variety of social…show more content…
Children in lower economic classes may live in stressful environments with fewer resources. Low social class is correlated with other factors that can decrease a child's likelihood of success. Children of lower social classes are more likely to be abused and neglected, more likely to be exposed to substance abuse and more likely to move frequently. The stress of these factors can interfere with a student's ability to do well academically, diminishing possibilities for success. A 2012 article in the "American Journal of Community Psychology" found that children in lower social classes have higher rates of mental illness and criminal behavior. A child's social class doesn't predetermine their life, and children from poor backgrounds often succeed while children from wealthy backgrounds sometimes fail. The access to community activities such as sports teams or after-school programs can decrease the risks of living in an impoverished area. To stabilize a child's environment you need to teach them by teaching a parent parenting skills, removing an abusive caregiver or ensuring adequate nutrition -- can lower the risks associated with low socioeconomic

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