Sociological Analysis Of Precious Movie

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Being raised in US we are taught to act in different ways depending on the scenario. Often many behaviors and lessons are learned through experiencing everyday life . Sociology has become a way to understand and theorize how factors effect society and how usually it come to be. There are ways in which particular learned behaviors play out differently for example learning to tie shoes compared to learning to rob someone. It is often thought that behaviors are learned. Sometimes that learned behavior is committing a crime. Movies often display fictional stories that have a questionable reason for the way the characters are acting. Movies play off of stereotypes and prejudices. Precious ( Lee Daniels. , 2009) is a movie in which the main character …show more content…

Precious’s life is horrible and, if applying the theory to her life, Precious would walk in the steps of her mother, Mary. Since usually our greatest influence are our parents, we often intimate what we see from their actions. “Such theories assume that people have stable modes of response which predetermine the way they will act in relation to any particular situation or object and that, when they come in contact with the given object or situation, they act in the way in which their makeup predisposes them” (Becker Marijuana Smoker ). Someone being violent would most likely lead the viewer of this violence to become violent as well. A person would be imitating the deviant behavior and applying it normally to their life. Defining their deviant behavior is more difficult, but their definition of that behavior isn’t seen as deviant . They learned to accept that deviant behavior as a norm. Mary was a horrible mother to Precious, but instead of raising her kids the way her mother raised her, Precious did the opposite. Precious didn’t accept the abuse; therefore she didn’t conform. Precious tried to better her life by using her imagination to escape her world and also by trying to complete school meanwhile her mother would call her” dummy.” Precious is illiterate, but she knew not to act like her mother because that’s not how she wanted to be . Precious not being as deviant as her mother displays fault in the theory because Precious’s actions are opposite of what the theory stated. Growing up not feeling love showed Precious that she didn’t want to act like her mother . The years of being mistreated Precious display courage and bravery when it comes to the health of her kids. Mary’s and Precious’s father both had broken the law, yet Precious knows what they did isn’t correct. Therefore, it is going against Akers and Burgess’s theory that her family’s being deviant would enable Precious to

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