Essay On Gender Roles In Movies

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Gender roles in movies and its influence on society during 1950s America

The actresses and actors on the screen had a vast influence on the people watching ,resulting into the society mimicking the characters that movie making presented to the audience and through this applying the american dream to the society. The women on the big screen was to appeal to the male audience and influence the females watching to want to portray them enforcing conservative and biblical values to result in a nuclear family. The majority of family lives were similar to the ones in the movies but the question is to what extent was the audience watching these tv shows influenced by the values and ideologies presented in tv shows and movies?.

The main ideologies which took over the society in the 1950s America was a result of many different factors adding up to form a certain atmosphere. The factors being the aftermath of WWII where …show more content…

Today America has turned towards more liberal viewpoints differentiating from the conservative viewpoints society used to have, though the movie and tv show culture has a rather grand influence on all of US even after many years. The very beautiful (according to today 's standard) woman is till in many tv shows and movies to attract both genders and many comply to this as well as there are many tvshow receiving critic on being racially conflicting on not having a diverse cast.

Thoug women are not deprived of things as it used to be in the 1950s America there still exsist some sexsist views in socity that is rooted from the 1950s america. There still exist views on females being less competent than men in certain work areas and that men are more competent. There is also still a difference in wages were men are being payed a dollar to every woman 's 75 cents so females could be seen as something less valuable to the company.This is based on old gender roles, mostly rooted from the

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