Janie Gender Roles

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Throughout the time period that takes place within 혛혩혦혪혳 혌혺혦혴 혞혦혳혦 혞혢혵혤혩혪혯혨 혎혰혥, women are incessantly viewed as the weaker sex. From the very beginning, Nanny believes that Janie is too fragile to take care of herself, and therefore forces her to marry Logan Killicks. Moreover, in Janie 's marriages with both Logan and Joe, Janie is expected to believe that her self-worth depends on the men. This is shown when Logan tells her, "You ain 't got no particular place. It 's wherever Ah need yuh" (31), and when Joe remarks, "Somebody got to think for women... they sho don 't think none theirselves" (71). To both Logan and Joe, Janie should be nothing but an obedient piece of arm candy for them to order around when needed. They never let her make decisions for herself, because they feel that, since she is a woman, they have control over her. However, when Janie is with Tea Cake, she willingly works in the muck with the other men, finally disproving the believed stereotype that women are weak and gaining confidence for herself. …show more content…

Gender roles have changed exceptionally over time. For example, women used to be expected to stay at home and raise their families while the men worked. Nowadays, however, most women work alongside men in the exact same positions. Nonetheless, gender roles have not changed in the aspect that men still get payed a significant amount more than women in the same

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