Janie Takes A Stand Quotes

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Janie Takes a Stand
At the end of chapter 6, Janie rebukes the men and her response not only highlights the gender inequality problem in the novel, but it also shows a major character development in Janie. Not only of what Janie says is startling, but the fact that she said something made me see Janie in a different perspective. Janie?s opening line, ?Sometimes God gits familiar wid us womenfolks too and talks His inside business?, caught my attention because her response is against societal norms. Women are not classified as actual individuals, and they are expected to be obedient and quiet. In this quote, Janie asserts that women are individuals, and even God speaks to women as well. Janie bringing up God strengthens her argument …show more content…

Now I do not interpret either of these quotes or Janie?s rebuke overall as an attack on men; I think she speaks out about women?s role in society and to show the men a different perspective of women. The content in both of the quotes emphasizes finally of what Janie thinks about the world she lives in, and it also marks a huge development in Janie?s character. Now, of course, the content of quote is contributing factor character development, but the fact that she said something is even a bigger revelation of Janie?s character. Janie could have said nothing and gone with the norms of society, but instead, she went against it. Throughout the beginning of the novel Janie has been going with society expectations, but her rebuke in this chapter puts Janie?s character on a different path. She does not care about what society or her grandmother wants her to do. She took a stand, not only for gender equality but also independence for herself. Janie is tired of being a servant, specifically to Joe, but also to society and her grandmother?s expectation. Janie wants equality, independence, and happiness. This response is the start of a ?new? Janie that is rebelling against society and her grandmother so

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