Sexism In The Workplace Essay

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Sexism: Got equality? Have you ever gone to the doctor and got a shot? How about used a car heater? Or even a dishwasher? Who invented these everyday items? Women. Women’s involvement in the working world have contributed to many items that would be missing from the world today; if they had not been allowed to work.. Women have struggled with sexism in the workplace since before they were even given the chance to try to work. They were taught from a young age that their job was to provide children, cook, and clean for their husbands, while the husband worked and provided the money. What men did not know however was that women were capable of so much more(Jewell, Hannah). Now women are lawyers, engineers, mechanics, computer programmers, and other jobs that have been primarily male dominated for years. Although sexism has been a key problem in the working industry, as evidenced by putting women in lower paying jobs, women today are putting an end by joining the women's movement pushing this issue into the mainstream media and increasing the worlds awareness on an issue that has been around for centuries. Although there were no movements specifically for women's rights to work there were movements for women's rights as a whole. As history tells, men did not believe women had the …show more content…

Women face getting treated differently, lower paying positions, the opinions of men, and the idea that because they are women they are not capable of the same kind of work men are capable of. The more people that support the different movements for women’s rights the better chance of this issue becoming more well known. Although some may know the struggle women go through to be compared as equally to men, there is still room for more to learn about this issue. Just because women were brought on earth to make more lives does not mean they are weaker and should have to go through this everyday of their

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