Gender Roles In Human Social Relations

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What are a few careers that are mostly dominated by men, and those that are dominated by women? Pick 1 career that is dominated by women, and 1 that is dominated by men, and explain how the opposite sex are treated in these careers (or other positions)? What does this suggest about the way gender structures human social relations?
There are a good number of careers that cross gender lines, but on both sides of the gender split there are careers that are widely known to be for one gender over the other. For the men according to different sources the top jobs that are mostly for men are: Ambulance drivers and attendants (except EMTs), Personal finance advisors, Web developers, EMTs and paramedics, Computer and information research scientists,
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While it is widely known that both genders are able to preform the functions of either of these careers, what job skills and traits are considered in typing these as men’s and women’s positions. As an EMT/Paramedic you are subjected to a high degree of stress and physical activities that require strength and stamina, along with being able to work in austere conditions at any time of the day or night, a strong stomach as this is not a job for the faint of heart, the ability to stay calm in stressful situations, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, physically fit and strong, good communication and interpersonal skills. While it is not unusual for a woman to pick this as a career, most women are treated as the weaker, fairer sex in this position, and sometimes even pushed to limits that are physically impossible for them. A good majority of the them will leave because of the pressure put on them by their male counterparts. A lot of times it has been heard if they can’t pull their own weight and do what I can do then they shouldn’t be here. While on the other side of the coin there is nursing, which is considered a female orientated career. This is due generally to the traits and characteristics associated with it. Some of those traits being someone who has a caring nature,…show more content…
There is a good number of things that can be listed showing the disadvantages to women in the workplace, some of those being, wage differences for same/similar positions, longer times for women to advance in the same field compared to men, women thought of in a lower status comparatively, and in general thought of as housewife, mother, and nurturer ("Gender inequalities in the workplace: the effects of organizational structures, processes, practices, and decision makers? sexism," n.d.). Women who enter the workforce, depending on the career field are expected to be able to preform to the standards set forth for men, and generally by men. Those who cannot preform to those standards are ostracized and even pushed out of certain careers. While it is no longer uncommon for a woman to do a job that was before a mans only position, there are still standards that are based for the men. There are a large number of women who prove these standards wrong daily, and who show everyone that things are not just careers for one sex over the other. The gender structures for men and women seem to be ever changing in this modern day and age. Careers across the board that are generally thought of for one sex or the other are being broken into by the other sex. While it is more common to see a woman breaking into a career for men, there is some progress for men

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