American Women Take Over Men's Jobs

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WORLD WAR 1 ERA AMERICAN WOMEN August 15, 1917 Women take over men 's jobs By: Alexander Rodriguez Before entering the war women were only housewives but it all changed when the United States joined the war. American women started replacing men 's jobs as the men left their jobs to go serve for the United States in the war. The number of employed women raised by a lot in many industries. “There has been a sudden influx of women into such unusual occupations as bank clerks, ticket sellers, elevator operator, chauffeur, street car conductor, railroad trackwalker, section hand, locomotive wiper and oiler, locomotive dispatcher, block operator, drawbridge attendant, and employment in machine shops, steel mills, powder and ammunition …show more content…

“ The yeomanettes, as the women were called, worked as clerks, draftsmen, translator, camouflage designers, and recruiters - all jobs once held by men. A lot of women applied to be members of the Signal Corps. But only around two hundred women are being selected and will be going to France.they are required to speak French and English. They need for nurses is big at the war front. Many women joined the American Red Cross to become nurses.It’s the patriotic duty of every man, woman, and child to join the Red Cross. Why wait to be asked? Be a volunteer.”(Kim, H. Tae). This was a slogan used by the American Red Cross to encourage Americans to join the American Red Cross. Nurses at the war front are facing cold weather , lack of water supplies, and long working hours with not time left for them. They are also suffering from trauma from seeing men die,men getting amputations, and hearing the guns and bonds 24/7. Being a nurse in the war front is not …show more content…

Women gain more rights By: Alexander Rodriguez Women have been supporting the war in the United States in different ways. The are working in industries and for the government. They are treating the injuries Americans at the war front. “The suffrage movement sold war bonds and conserved food,”( Women also are protesting for equal pay or a raise in their wages. Them doing men 's jobs helping out the country with everything they can during the war they want equal rights. Women are establishing work unions. Women want the same equal rights as men and one of those rights is the right to

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