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World war 2 was the war that changed many views on the economy: during world war 2, women finally had the chance to work in jobs that were not previously opened to them. This war was a turning point for The United States; World War 2 was the war that opened many opportunities, not only for women but for people of color too. World war 2 was the war that changed many views on the economy. On December 7th, 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese, thus causing the United States to take action and declare war. This war was the first war in which Women were finally allowed to serve along with the men in the nation's armed forces. These women were finally allowed to work in aircraft manufacturing plants, munitions plants, and military …show more content…

When the war started, President Franklin Roosevelt encouraged Women to apply for ¨war work¨ which allowed them to work through the whole war. This brought the U.S. War Manpower Commission (WMC) to create a women's campaign that brought people's attention. This campaign was used to recruit women employees and give them jobs they needed: their main targets being married women since they had never worked outside their home facility. Even though this campaign was open to every woman, the WMC targeted White middle-class women, which was seen very often in the workspace. The black community launched its campaign to try to stop racism from happening not only in workspaces but also in local …show more content…

Many women were pilots and flew aircraft while men were being released for combat duty. Many became nurses, which was not as surprising as working on the battlefield. Throughout the war, they needed more armed soldiers to fight, but there weren't enough men to go fight, so many of those nurses took the role of becoming soldiers. Even if it was an accomplishment for many women, it was dangerous because, throughout the process, many women were captured and tortured in Japanese Prison camps. Also within those three years of torture, many of the women did not come back and therefore causing them to become more strict. Also during the war, many nurses went overseas to care for the wounded soldiers. Many of these nurses were killed and not many of them were buried here in the

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