World War 2 Dbq Essay

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World War 2 had an abject impact on the United States Home front, although, there was no battles on the American mainland, the war affect all phases of the American life. It required remarkable strategies and tactics to dive into combat against the axis powers-Italy, Germany, and Japan. Likewise, it demanded immense sacrifices to be made on the Home front, for the United States (US) to win the war. With the sacrifices and single-mindedness of the American people, the US was able to break out of World War 2 as the world leaders in both production and military.

At the brink of war, the United States launched an industrial campaign, within a few months; factories transformed into war producing machines, fabricating machine guns, bombs, jeeps, …show more content…

Women all across the country transformed from average housewives, into a individual with a voice and most importantly a purpose. Prior to war, there was approximately 8.1 million unemployed workers in the US; once America joined the war in 1941, the unemployment rate plummeted to 5.5 million as citizens scrambled to find jobs (document 3). Although, it was not always a piece of cake working, workers made immense sacrifices for their country that went unnoticed. It was not uncommon for employees to experience hostility at the workplace; multitudes of people were not open-minded of the idea of women taking jobs that were once occupied by white men. Other issues women and minorities experienced while on the job was unfair wages, FDR urged business owners to pay men and women equally, nevertheless numerous business owners ignored his pleas. Women proved that they were able to accomplish and duplicate the work that men did before the war, even though women slaved away in unprofessional employing environments, and many of their sacrifices went unnoticed, women found jobs that they felt, suited them the best (document 9). Although, as more …show more content…

Multitudes of components marked the beginning of the World War 2, but with the sacrifices made on both the American Home front and troops, the Allies were able to stop the spread of communist governments throughout Europe. Women, men, and children all from different backgrounds, ages, races and religions dropped everything to work in factories, fight in combat, buy war bonds and ration supplies to support the war effort in every way they could. Many had to sacrifice time with their family, as well as the fear of whether or not they would ever be able to see their loved ones again. Without the sacrifices made by the American people both on the Home front and battle field, the outcome of the World War 2 would have not of ended in the allies

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