World War 1 Economic Changes Essay

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Between World War Ⅰ and World War Ⅱ, economic changes were the most prominent changes within the United States due to the extremity in which the economy changed. The Economic changes, such as the rise and fall of the stock market and and inflation, within the United States were the most notable changes between world wars. The United State’s economy following WWⅠ “boomed” or improved drastically. The condition of the economy slowly deteriorated as the United States began its involvement in World War Ⅱ. Domestic factors were major contributors to the rise and fall of the nation's economy. While political and social changes occurred between world wars, these changes pale in comparison to the economic changes prior to World War Ⅱ. Economic changes that occurred in the United States in between world wars were the most pronounced changes during the period. …show more content…

The economy boomed due to the government’s lack of interest in the State’s economic standings after the end of World War I and the growth of industry due to the excess of needs after the war. Because the government was so involved in the U.S.’s economy during wartime due to the need for adequate funding, after the war when the government no longer needed funds, the people were able to improve the economy. Businesses were able to sell stocks in the stock market and it was able to expand greatly which in turn caused a drastic increase in the quality of the economy. The stock market’s expansion allowed for the expansion of businesses and as businesses expanded the economy was ameliorated. The economy’s extreme recovery makes the economic changes during the period after WWI the most

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